The Lady Rowers of the YWCA

Crew of YWCA Four outside Gardner’s Boatshed

Crew of YWCA Four outside Gardner’s Boatshed Sydney. Trixie Whaling possibly second on right. 00042417 ANMM Collection Gift from the Estate of Trixie Whaling

In case you hadn’t yet heard, the Olympics are just about to roll around again. As July comes to a close the Olympics will commence, captivating the world as it showcases the physical heights of human potential and creates history in its wake. Clearly this is an excellent opportunity for museums such as ours to combine a very Australian love of sports with a little history.

As a museum it is our role to collect objects, documents and photographs that have been generated within our culture, by our culture, that hold some significance or are deemed to be representative in some way. As a museum that is themed around Australia’s interactions with water, it is perhaps not surprising that a lot of what has made its way through this selection process and into our collection is related to sport and the achievements of our sporting champions. Continue reading