January 26: One day, many meanings

Worimi man Steve Brereton paddles a nawi in Darling Harbour in 2012.

Worimi man Steve Brereton paddles a nawi in Darling Harbour in 2012. Image: Andrew Frolows/ANMM.

On 26 January the museum has often sailed the HMB Endeavour replica in the Tall Ships Race on Sydney Harbour. This year, Endeavour will not be out, but another important vessel linked to the museum will be involved in the 26 January events.

At 7.30am on Thursday at Barangaroo Reserve a bark canoe – or nawi in the Sydney Aboriginal language – will bring ashore a small fire from the Tribal Warrior vessel. The fire will be lit as part of the WugulOra (One Mob) ceremony that will begin Australia Day events in Sydney by ‘recognising our shared history’. Previously held at the Opera House, WugulOra will be at the new Barangaroo parkland site for the first time this year.

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International Fleet Review 5 day voyage: Day 1-2

After such an exciting and memorable time back in Port it’s now time for our second voyage to begin, not to welcome the tall ships into Sydney Harbour, but to unfortunately bid them farewell. Our visitors have come to Australia from all around the world to help us celebrate the 100th anniversary of our naval operations. Though after a short stay we are saying goodbye so that they can continue their journeys and start the last leg of the Tall Ship Races for this year.

The voyage crew all embarked on the Wednesday afternoon, with a busy crew swapping from day sail mode to voyage mode in a small amount of hours. Although this voyage would be run a little differently to the last voyages. For the first night Endeavour stayed alongside at the museum, with the professional and voyage crew invited to a crew barbeque on wharf 7 in front of Europa and James Craig. Many sailors and Museum staff and even tall ship crew from other ships around the globe showed up to the barbeque to celebrate the successful gathering of the fleet.

New voyage crew at the Museum Wharf

New voyage crew at the Museum Wharf

After many of the ships crews enjoying a laugh and meeting each other all was quietened down and soon all were snug away on the ship to sleep, ready to set sail the next day.

In the morning, many of the crew got up quite early, excited about what the new day would bring. After breakfast all hands were mustered into their watches and the safety training for the voyage began soon after. The training consisted of up and overs and the normal but very important life jacket and life raft briefings.

The start of the 5 day voyage

The start of the 5 day voyage

Once the training was complete the lines were cast off and Endeavour started making her way out of Darling Harbour and on her way to the heads to be a witness to the start of the race to Auckland. As we made it to the gathering point of ships just inside the heads, the breeze was light and the day was warming up, getting up to 39 degrees. The ships started to set sails and waited for the race to start. Unfortunately due to fire risks we were unable to fire any cannons near the heads so the announcements for the start of the race were made over the radio.

The start of the tall ship race to Auckland

The start of the tall ship race to Auckland

After the tall ships had begun the race, Endeavour started making her way South with the breeze and began the purpose of this voyage, to sail!! With the engines turned off, Endeavour was back in her element in no time at all. Once we were sailing the captain believed a little more training was in order, so we conducted some emergency drills. These drills included a fire drill, abandon ship and also a man overboard.

After 2 days of settling in, the time had come for dinner before the night watches were commenced.

All is well.