Science and secrets of Sydney Harbour

Thanks to National Science Week and our partners, our day of sea-sational<em>Secrets of Sydney Harbour</em> spread the word about ocean science. Image: ANMM.

Thanks to National Science Week and our partners, our day of sea-sational Secrets of Sydney Harbour spread the word of ocean science. Image: ANMM.

National Science Week at the Museum

What a weekend! The waterfront was full of visitors looking to explore the underwater world of Sydney Harbour. Over 1200 people came through the door and we hope every one of them left with a greater understanding of the harbour’s diversity of life and work that is being done by organisations across NSW to protect and engage with this underwater world.

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Inspiring Stories: Women In Science Symposium

Young Scientist

Young Scientist. Image credit: Maja Baska 2014

It all started with a discussion with my environmental scientist daughter about the numbers of girls opting out of science and scientific careers because of negative stereotypes. We had been talking about some of the scientists I have met and worked with here at the museum and their incredible experiences.

She said it was such a shame that, by not considering science as an option, girls were locking themselves out of some amazing careers. She also found it disappointing that those stories aren’t common knowledge, or available to students making decisions about their future. Continue reading