Sailing with the Captain on Father’s Day

On the deck of yacht SIRIUS off Rabaul, Papua New Guinea. ANMM Collection 00014421.

On the deck of yacht Sirius off Rabaul, Papua New Guinea. ANMM Collection 00014421.

This Father’s Day there will no doubt many a father choosing to spend the day on the water. Perhaps on the family boat for a sail around the quiet waters of home, pull in for a bbq at some bay and feel the sense of peace and gratitude that sailing in Australia can bring. Whatever your vessel type, the ease of getting out on the water brings joy to a lot of families.

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Flickr Commons turns 5!

Five years ago today the Flickr Commons was launched. Since then, about 250,000 images from 56 different libraries, archives and museums have been uploaded, promoting the world’s photographic collections in all its splendour. I don’t think any of us envisioned the response it has elicited from audiences around the world. In particular, from a large group of elite photo investigators, people the National Library of Ireland refers to as the ‘Flickeroonies’ and who we often call the ‘super sleuths’. This group have invested hours upon hours of thorough research identifying people, places and key events, adding new meaning to the images on The Commons. To celebrate The Commons’ 5th birthday and, as a hats off to these contributors, The Library of Congress sent out a call for the most viewed, commented or favourited images on The Commons. We, and quite a number of other institutions, answered the call and the result was a fascinating array of snapshots from the past.

Baby and a dog on a sailing ship, c 1910. By Samuel Hood, ANMM Collection 00023789

Baby and a dog on a sailing ship, c 1910. By Samuel Hood, ANMM Collection 00023789

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Black cats on Friday 13th

Who is superstitious about Friday the 13th? Personally I am not, well, I can’t be – I was born on the 13th and lived a good 13 years in house number 13 (which we do think was haunted by a friendly protective ghost!). I decided long ago that 13 is my lucky number.

I’m also a lover of cats. So for this ‘lucky Friday the 13th’ I’ve searched through the museum’s photographic collection for as many black cats I can find.

For all of those who like to push superstitious boundaries, read on… For those of you who refuse to walk under a ladder, it may be best to stay away from our blog… just for today!

Photo of

Two crew members with pet dog and cat (1920s). Photographer: Samuel J Hood Studio. ANMM Collection 00023639.

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