Thank you :)

Kieran asked that as were no longer on the boat if we could make comments on our experiences so here goes (I don’t know how many of you will actually read this but anyway its here). It’s an honest view of what you are like.


Kieran you are super nice and deserve so much more than this pittance for all the work you put in to organising absolutely everything. You’re a legend and just thankyou. J

Ed thanks for being kool about our randomness but it was actually cause you were kool and good to talk to. I really enjoyed your input and your passion for your job and I’ve seriously started thinking about what type of history I might like to do and that volunteering thing. Stay awesome!!


Wayne cause you didn’t mind when we got everyone to call you Dwayne and talking to me about real and important things…


Paul you have no idea how much it means to us that you kept taking us out without complaint and you were just so friendly it made a good atmosphere and really helped us to find our notch and fit in. J

Lee you are super friendly, pleasantly nice and happy. You were good to be around.


Warren god you can go for an old fella J but thanks for your opinions on life and your stories. I’m sorry we missed your presentation even if you didn’t particularly want to do it…


Lloyd who came snorkelling with us a lot and for bandaging my toes so well that six days later the bandaids are still there.


Nigel even though you were quiet you were nice and helpful.


Xanthe you’re just amazingly skilled with a camera with such grace underwater. It was extremely impressive and I think it might be a career path that Alice is now seriously considering.


Peter for raising spirits when you found the anchor.


Jacqui for being so nice and supportive of our blogging efforts.  J

Alice if you read this you kept me entertained in the off periods. We made a good team.


Miss Lynch it just seems to weird too say Elaine again thanks for everything it means a lot.


John this experience and meeting you and everyone else is just so amazing and different to anything I have ever done before. Thank you for giving it to us. Words can’t convey my gratitude.


Finally every one else aboard the Nimrod and the Spoilsport (I’ll be here for hours naming you all), you were completely different to what I expected wealthy people to behave. Just the common courtesy shown to us was phenomenal and the fact that we’re just kids, it really makes me respect all of you even more.  


Thanks to all the staff to you know who you are and what you did.. J

I’ll stop blabbing on now so finally, thanks…  

The Last Day!!!! Unfortunately

Day 8


Last and final day aboard the Spoilsport with the most awesome group of people ever.. That includes the Nimrod as well.


 Up, breakfast and off we go. Paul and Lloyd again put up with us as we form our very last line. Another strong current with very high seas.. Fun fun fun (sarcasm). It wasn’t too bad but we were only in the water about an hour (while constantly fighting the current when we decided to move out further onto the reef as we weren’t finding anything. But we ran into were the Mag boat was surveying with Wayne and Andrew (who were leaving with us), Ed and Peter as well I think. J


So we ended up going back to the boat and waiting for them to come back as Alice and I were allowed to go Manta board riding.. Yay. So we waited it out and then away we went. For anyone who doesn’t know what it is it is just a wooden boat attached to a rope dragged behind a boat, which you hold onto. You then just angle the board down to go under the water or up to come back up. J


Alice went first then it was my go…. It was the most fun I had all day due to the leaving.. My arms feel kinda strained at the moment but they were fine when we were doing it. It was so spectacular to watch coral and fish zoom by as you seem to just glide so effortlessly.. It was awesome and thanks to everyone involved in that… Very much appreciated.


Then we got back and just hung around not doing much.. We had a very quick lunch then it was up to the top deck to talk to the media… How exciting. J!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Alice and Miss Lynch to be more correct, as he only wanted to speak to one of us and Alice was quicker. J


Next thing I know we’re (Alice and I) rushing around trying to be organised as they had been looking for us while they were talking on the phone as it was time to leave.


It’s surprising how quick you can be when you don’t have any time. We were both mostly packed it was just our swimmers and stuff that need to be included. Then we were hugging everyone and shaking hands. It was then the terrible realisation that we wouldn’t be seeing many of these people ever again, sunk in.. It was quite depressing really. J


Then we went across to the Nimrod and climbed onto the Pirate. Both Alice and I were given bandana’s with the Solomon Island flags on it to represent John’s worldly affairs.. Which was nice,,


 So off we went. Dwayne (aka Wayne), Andrew, Alice, Miss Lynch, some of the staff swapped over so Tristan and Warren came on the Pirate (another smaller boat) with us and Trevor went to skipper the other boat (the Nimrod).


It took about two hours to get back and had a conversation with Wayne while sitting on the front of the in the wind!!!!!!!! Which was fun as you could see everything.


Then we were back on land and it was all over. We said good bye to everyone who was with us and started feeling the effects of a week at sea… I’m still rocking after over 24hours later. Fun. J


And so concluded our week aboard the Spoilsport and our successful quest to find the Mermaid. Thanks for the opportunity, it won’t be forgotten. J


Missing all of you and I mean everybody. J

Our last whole day :(

Day 7


Today was our last whole day L… We got up at about 6.30 and got going.. We needed to put in a lot of effort because it was our last chance to find something..


Again our very tolerant and awesome leader Paul took Alice, Elaine, Lloyd and me snorkelling along the reef with the holding the line. We were searching in a westerly direction this time to see if anything would show up but again unfortunately we were unsuccessful..

After a couple of hours in the water we got out.


Kieran then asked us if we would make a presentation on what we had done during the week at the night De-briefing.. We of course accepted and began to organise our power point presentation…. After lunch we were ready to go again as we weren’t missing our potential last snorkel. We went out with Paul again as well as some other people from the Nimrod (some divers, some snorkelers) to look at a anomaly that the Mag (a very high tech metal detector). There was no organisation and we were told to just have a look around the area… Again no one found anything except I saw a largish stingray swimming through the water. Apparently Alice followed around a six foot shark (which would have been heaps exciting) and it swam right under Miss Lynch.. J


After a while we gave up and came back because nothing was found. Alice and I continued to work on our presentation and upload pictures to the internet..


It was our last night on board so we requested that anyone who wanted to could sign the Mermaid shirts that we had so generously been given.. Thanks again John, for everything..


Miss Lynch I hope you like the present we gave you and I’m sorry for not mentioning you in the last one but there are just so many people who I’m thankful to. You deserve a medal for putting up with us for a week and taking such good care of us. Its very reassuring to no someone is looking out for you at all times..


Well back to the day we had dinner. The last one……………………… L L L L L Kieran once again gave us our debriefing on the events of the day. But due to all publicity and the fact that Xanthe was working on a photo mosaic (one square metre at a time of the entire location so the can have a better understanding of what the site looks like) she decided that it would bore us looking at them all.


Then it was our turn and Alice and I both took our turns reading from the power point which was on the two massive flat screen TV’s.  Everyone clapped at the end but I’m not sure weather it was out of relief or not.. J


Then it was Nigel’s turn and he briefly talked about on of the ship wrecks he had help excavate and research.. Then good old captain Trevor told us all about deep sea diving to the extreme and the little mishaps that caused panic.  


Also want to thank Josh for keeping us entertained I no it was a bit tedious.. J But I’m pretty sure you had fun….


Thanks Megan    

We found the MERMAID :)

Day 6


This morning was another early morning… Of course. So it was breakfast then a meeting on the dive deck to delegate jobs and plan the events of the morning. We were snorkelling with Paul again he’s a trooper having us with him almost every time we’ve gone out.


We made a line only about twenty metres long with five people spread along it to try and find any more wreckage. We were headed north from a buoy in our attempt to survey the area. The current is still very strong and we had gone about half a kilometre when we stopped and discovered we were drifting to the east and we were a long way of course. So the tender picked us up. We then went back to the buoy we started from and this time attempted to work against the current.. This time success but we didn’t find anything…. which was a bummer.


Lunch was next which was Mexican.. Yer. We had to get changed into our shirt and cap that had the mermaid logo on it so we could have our picture taken by Xanthe and then so she was in the picture Warren for a press release which is exciting. It sounds very professional too.


We went and had a look at the anchor duck diving in about five metres of water…

It was so awesome and it just made it a bit more realistic..


People who deserve thanks and recognition include Ed who talked to me about goals and ambitions and really made the mermaid exploration exciting with his excitement and good humour. He has interesting stories worth remembering and does a great credit to the Queensland maritime museum as he is the shipwreck officer there. Thanks for making this such an awesome trip…. J

Paul again cause he’s so nice and tolerant.. it is more than appreciated as we know were not professional.

Lee who’s just always friendly….

Wayne (Dwayne) who is always smiling and cheers everyone up. Even if its just mocking J lol.

A massive thanks to John who made this all possible and with out we wouldn’t be here having the best time….

 Xanthe for her super photographic skills, and her light, bubbly persona.

Jackie, Christina…. for being so positive and nice.

Kereen without all our organisation skills and nice up beat personality none of this would have happened. Its not as recognised as it should be but everyone can’t thankyou enough.

Every other novice that helped out and not made us feel so bad because of our lack of knowledge on specific details. J

Everyone else because you talking to us as if were adults and not just stupid immature kids..


Last but not least the crew

Bre cause you entertain us as well as making us feel right at home.
Warren your our entertainment… keep it up your awesome.

David for playing cards and talking to us right at the beginning… and still, obviously..

Kireen, Sterlo, Tristan, Alex, Moon and Trevor the captain..


In our de-briefing after dinner it was finally confirmed that it is in fact the Mermaid…..

Yyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeesssssssssssssssssssssssssssss!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! wwwwwwwwwwweeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee… it is the best news that topped off a good day and made it great. It is so over whelming and just exciting to be a part of this.. a part of history in the making.. We celebrated… Yay. We were even entertained by Captain Trevor.


An all round fantastic day even though our time is quickly coming to an end..



Day 6!!!

K.. day 6.. I DONT WANNA GO HOME!!! Eeeeee

.. actually its more 50/50.. I wouldnt wanna be stuck on this boat forever.. and I’ve got stuff to do : P.. ok today.. usual 6:00 rise and yummy breakfast.. burnt the stupid raisin toast.. AGAIN *pouts* grr but had some fruit salad on top (not on toast just as well) then we went for the morning snorkel.. a 20m line sweep in a northerly direction from the site of the anchor chain pile.. didn’t visually find anything but I saw a really cool clam.. it was BLUE well the algae in its membranes that photosynthesise for it were blue.. I liked it… I also found two puffer fish.. I was trying to get one to blow up but it was just raising its spikes at me : P well it was in a tiny hole with another puffer fish.. I think if it did blow up its friend wouldn’t be too impressed.. hehe I also saw a nudibrank (no idea how to spell that!!) but it’s a slug pretty thing.. ?? google it : P hehe

after coming back we had lunch.. Mexican.. yum yum soft tortilla.. actually should say now Tristan our cook is the awesomenest.. anyways.. me and megan didn’t go on the afternoon snorkel.. sweeping either the east or west of the chain (I cant remember) and instead fixed our blogs, annoyed people and generally wet ourselves laughing for hours over minute childish matters : P

I spent my afternoon drawing on a T-shirt of Tristan’s while Megan and Bre folded napkins.. looks like a opera house or a hot poker flower : P was pretty sweet.. we then had a restaurant dinner and discussed blogging which leads me to the following..

Ed was upset that his only mention being that he sat and listened.. he submitted a formal complaint and now were recognizing his full magnificence… : )

Today we found 5 canister shots and 1 pistol shot (musket ball) anyways we has a wreck ONE MERMAID!!!!! YES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! and in megans distaste OMFG!!!!!! YAYNESS!!!!!!!! WEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!! We have some footage of the anchor with hand movements : P our beautiful models.. you know who you are!!!! Lol which should be on win news YEW WE FOUND OUR WRECK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! CHEYER!!!



Day 5- Wooow

pipe found by Lee

pipe found by Lee

I didn’t sleep much at all and then it was ten to seven so I literally had to jump out of bed and get ready to come and have breakfast. Which I ate very quickly so that we could be ready to leave… I couldn’t see properly cause my eyes were blurry and I had a massive headache. A good way to start the day.

We went out to the site so that the new members we seem to be accumulating could see what had been found. The water was extremely choppy with a strong undercurrent… we spent the majority of the dive searching for the rest of the wreck as we could only find the big ring which was marked… apparently the rest of the site was behind us but we didn’t no. Lee found a copper pipe and that caused a bit of a stir as it was part of a pump or something. By this stage the water was starting ti break and it was too choppy to continue so we came back to the boat….

After lunch we were separated into groups and Alice and I got to do the tagging which was putting orange tags on things so that they can be relocated when they need to be.. So once again we went out with Paul and we marked things… I was lucky enough to find a copper pin to mark in the middle of nowhere. We think we managed to mark almost everything.  Again it was pretty choppy and the current was very strong.

Once back on the boat another diving team went out. Unluckily for Alice and I cause we can’t dive and they found the Anchor…. almost immediately the whole boat found out. WWWWOOOOOOOOOOOOOWWWWWWW….. YAY….. The excitement was unbelievable.

We then had Asian for dinner and prepared for a very special meeting and debriefing due to the momentous discovery.  after watching Xanthe’s awesome shots of especially the anchor we briefly discussed the events of the day and went from there.


We were introduced to some of the new members both staying on our boat and the Nimrod. Unfortunately for two of them (josh was talking to Alice and me) were left behind and had to be taken across by one of our tenders. Very unlucky

For those of you who don’t know finding the anchor is extremely important to finding out and aging when the ship was built and sailed…….

Day 4!!!



Day 4…




Today could have started better.. bad night sleep and woke up early.. feeling crap (I ate too much sea water) urgh!! So yer my tummy and digestive system is doing back flips.. we went snorkelling did a sweep of another section marked with buoys.. we battled the current and basically found zilch.. hmm saw a shark though SWEET AS!!!.. random minor epiphany between me and Megan.. we is sad lil children.. lmao (laughing my ass off) we basically only talk to the staff.. and their PAID to keep us entertained *hangs head* nah I think they like us.. I hope they like us lol… their so awesome WE LOVE YOU GUYS!!! (Nah we do talk to everyone else as well)

 Hehe lol back to relevant issues… after our morning snorkel I went for a sleep because of my unhappy tummy.. and was woken up by Ms Lynch telling me to get ready because I was going snorkelling in 10.. AH!! So didn’t bother with wetsuit and went out to a place where we think we it’s the mermaid but is most defiantly a shipwreck.. we found a few different bits and pieces.. we found a 2 staples, copper nails, a barrel ring which could actually be a mask ring though.. another ring off a compass and a pile of chain cemented to the reef floor..

 Unfortunately the weather worsened and we headed back to Spoilsport and blogged away into the night. We watched a few presentations- on other shipwrecks such as Pandora and the pictures that Xanthe had taken during the day.




p.s 2 interesting things.. 1) learning to walk in a straight line on a rocking boat (aka not look drunk) and 2) photography underwater when you float and the current is constantly moving you and your camera is gay.. alot of the coral colours are 100X brighter then what turns up on the camera : (

p.p.s one of my photos aka so crap compared to Xanthe’s

Day 4- Yay we found it…. Maybe

Day 4

Today was again an early beginning which wasn’t good as I went to bed later than usual, well on this trip anyway…. J We had breakfast and got straight into it. Snorkeling was once again in lines along the rope but today as a storm blew in the water was choppy and wasn’t as clear as it had silt and sand all though as the bottom had been disturbed. I also saw two sharks the first of which I almost stood on as it was at my feet when I let my fins drop and disturbed the sand, which sent it flying. There was also some fish and coral but a lot of sand and algae on the bottom. We were trying to follow the buoys in a strait line but it didn’t happen…. Unluckily.imgp68511


We ended up doing over 1.1km’s in that bit alone but once the current had dragged us so far from the buoys that we couldn’t see them we decided to go to another site. Once we got there it was completely random and unorganized so we just had a look around until the storm came in and we had to get out of the water. This was at about 9ish so we had a while till lunch. So showers it was.. glorious. Then after some bumming around we had lunch.


Next it was getting stuck into blogging and putting photo’s onto the pages so that you can have some idea what is going on other than my rambling. J This took an extremely long time with little progress but I got there in the end. Luckily.


imgp6854Alice went to sleep and I ended up reading while some people decieded to brave the weather and try again. The sky was pretty clear but the sea was still choppy.


The mag boats found something (eletronic sanner type thingy’s) on the bottom so they investigated and objects began to be uncovered. This was fairly late in the afternoon and we promtly got the call to come out and join them. When we got there they had uncovered another ring from a compass a large iron ring and a lot of copper pins and stuff. We were so excited and the atmosphere just kept improving… everyone was just extatic. When we got back to the boat it was time for dinner and then a de-briefing on the things we had found as well as watching something on Pandora (a ship that sank in the late 18th century).


It is now raining and Alice and I are sitting under the cover on the top deck in the wind and the rain…

large barrel ring or off a mask

large barrel ring or off a mask






Reef- Day 3

Alice Snorkeling

Alice Snorkeling

Day 3J

An interesting day, with very little progress. To start of with I got up the extremely early for me (6.15) and had breakfast. Then we got ready to go….

 We travelled along the end of the reef which was extremely beautiful with vast amounts of coral and fish. Alice and I both took cameras out to take pictures but the one Alice had died virtually strait away and after taking a couple of shots I gave mine to her. Unfortunately mine had very little battery as well but Alice still managed to get a few additional shots. We had a line with Lee on one end and Paul on the other with orange buoy on the end with GPS’s. We had about 15 snorkelers spread out along the line searching for any forms of wreckage. It was the best snorkel I’ve had so far and was tremendously entertaining despite the lack of ruins.


We saw turtles….. Giant Clams that were about a metre and a half wide. HUGE…. JSome people also saw sharks (only small ones though), stingrays. It was fantastic visibility as you could just see everything for ages. The water was just so clear. It was awesome!!!!! There was just so many fish and interesting corals and plants that you couldn’t get bored in the two and a half hours we were out there. Unfortunately I now have blisters that have popped due to the rubbing of the fins. Both my second last toes, my heals and my pointer fingers have either blisters or scratches. I think I got scratched by coral on my fingers. We went almost 2km. wow!!

Aice sleeping

Aice sleeping

Then we came back and had lunch and Alice fell asleep so we went out without her.. Might not have been the best idea with my feet but it will be fine… Lol. But we didn’t find anything again which is a bummer. There was a lot more sand to search look through on this trip.


 When we got back we just lazed around talking to Warren (from South Africa) and Bre who we help fold napkins. Alice gave massagimgp6818es which were very appreciative from those who received them…

 Next was dinner which was a carvery. After which we had a de-briefing about the days progress and looked at the spectacular pictures Xanthe had taken with her professional under water camera…

 With Tristen and Bre the cooks/chiefs we went across to the other boat accompanying us from SilentWorld. There boat is smaller than ours but more spacious because it accommodates less people. We were there for about an hour and then after alice had made two boxes out of napkins we left.

 Back on the SpoilSport Wayne and Alex were attempting to catch fish of the side of the boat. Wayne had caught one when we arrived and when Alex went for a short reprieve his line caught a fish with Tristen pulling it in. J After that neither of them were successful but I talk to Wayne while he was making his attempt at getting another one.




sea turtle

sea turtle

blue fiish!!!!!!

blue fiish!!!!!!

Day 2- Megan

Day 2!!!!!!!


Megan here and it was a bit of a shock to the system getting up so early but that’s ok…. What a day..


We were waiting for the sponsor of the trip and the reason we are here but they weren’t arriving until lunchtime (one-thirty). Not that we were told what we were supposed to be doing so we filled in our time talking!!!!! Alice has a lot in common with our first mate Warren who is from South Africa with a very serious face that improves a heap when he smiles… poor thing was stuck doing random things with us… hahaha J.


After lunch things started moving a lot quicker and we went snorkelling on Flora Reef. This is when things began to get interesting, after climbing into our super sexy wetsuits (for stingers and sunburn only as the water is about 30 degrees Celsius) we finally got into the water…. J The water was shallow and clear so it was a good beginning. The majority of the area we were surveying was sand but there was an occasional segments’ of coral and fishies. J


Then the discoveries started with our photographer Xanthe finding the rim of a brass compass. And then things like a compass lid type thing and a base on which it would have sat as well as a copper pipe none of which is believed to be from the Mermaid even though it has traditional design it had a rubber ring which dates it after the 1880’s….. I was there when they found a Bilge pump that was wood and had writing on it on which I was able to recognize an N and an O. We think we have found the ship wreck of another boat but not the Mermaid.


We then came back to the boat (Spoilsport). I help Bre fold napkins while Alice made a box out of them. We had an Italian themed dinner. David who’s from America played cards with us but we only had 3 people so we couldn’t play Euchre… gambling without nuts today thanks to Alice. So we ended up stopping and coming down to talk to everyone else. Wayne the techy talked to us about being typical teenagers and girls (Alice) and Ed sat and listened.    

Day 2- Alice

Ok so 2nd day.. I’m up early 7:00 NSW time.. 6:00 here.. either way early : P to do my blog cause I’m naughty and didn’t do it last night oops.. Kieran said it was ok.. so I was up at 7 yesterday with a very hearty breakfast : P


Ok so yesterday WOW!!! Omg (oh my god) just wow we were on top of the reef in 2 metre deep water.. it was the BARREN bit.. not to me. I spotted numerous bright blue starfish which looked they were made out of velveteen, sea cucumbers- big black knobbly ones and skinnier grey ones.. I even caught one taking a stroll : D.. I also spotted an eel hiding in a hole.. hehe it was so cute and shy nawwwwwww and the coral wow.. all the bright little polyps that suck in and out and the tessellating patterns of the hard corals are just amazing and even though the crew claims that they were not the best coral and the nice ones were few and far between. I thought it was absolutely breath taking to dive down into a world yet to be known by my eyes and discover all this beauty. THE FISH! So many little fish.. and so many different types.. parrot fish, nemo’s (he was only about a cm long).. big ones small ones (some as big as your head-not really its just a song.. I’ve got a lovely bunch of coconuts..) but so many colours.. clouds of grey slivers with blue lightening breaking the storm.. magnificent..


Enough about the landscape.. hehe we found 3 pieces of metal.. a veiwing thingy.. hehe u look into the compass with it- 10 cm in diameter : P at first we though it belonged to the Mermaid but soon discovered a small rubber seal between the metal and the glass : ( dang it.. the other pieces we found were a compass holder thingy : P a rim of a compass.. it would support and swivel the compass and again we fear it is not from the Mermaid. It seems there is another wreck on this reef from a slightly later date. Which might not make it as easy… the third thing we found was a pump.. bilge pump.. yer um it “gets rid of all the water in the bottom of the boat” (information source = megan : P)

Today were surveying the fringe of the reef where all the pretties are (coral and fish that is) and basically all were doing (same as yesterday) is ‘mowing the lawn’ where u swim in lanes scanning the bottom looking for objects that seem out of place… so unnatural shapes and colours caused by rust- so copper green, iron red etc.. so we set off 7-7:30 for our morning dive and I’ll be taking the underwater camera OOOOOOO! But now I’m missing out on breakfast.. ah! Bye Alice

First Day- Alice!

Day 1..


Ok start from the start and lets go through this logically or knowing me it wont be chronological or make sense hehe


The day started at 4:30 for me with my sleep deprived brain jumping into hyper-mode.. After farewelling a drowsy dog and a magpie wondering why I was up at this hour I was on my way. After mum having a sickie for me on the way we arrived at the Merimbula airport for a 6:00 flight and departed while the last hungover teenagers dragged themselves from the New Year’s party on the main beach. My new years ended quiet shortly with the 4:30 rise and my dads 10:00 work shift.. This did not stop me from losing my phone and MP4 merely 6 hours before departure…


So back to matters we took off from Merimbula and pit stopped at Moruya with Ms Cozens feeling the sickness. (seems all the adults who have told me so far I’m going to be sick have been sick themselves.. and even at this point of time I have survived the two flights today and am currently on a boat speeding to our reef destination my system completely rid of travel calm : P I’m proud.) The flight we took was in a 25 seater plane and although it was bit bumpy to land and takeoff (the time period when most flight errors/plane crashes occur) we survived.. To be taken into the drag of a 5 hr wait in the terminal.. Yay ß sarcasm!!


So we wandered the terminal memorising every nook and cranny in hope of discovering something that could waste more of our time. Then Alice smartly discovered OH YES!!! Every book and puzzle I had put into my bag- that had spent all day giving me a sore back oops.. I’m very proud of myself as of finishing 2 books and starting a 3rd.. By the Karl what’s-his-name.. Founder of questicon.. Anyways, had a very interesting piece on airplane crashes 😀


After a gruelling 5 hrs we jumped aboard our jet and took off.. We watched a weird movie about cocky socialites in a war period.. : S then I slept (haha Megan- she couldn’t.. and she only had 2 hrs sleep that night.. therefore I WIN!) and arrived in cairns 3 hrs later with my joints sore in a balmy 30 degree heat yummy.. Especially when you were jeans.. Grr curse you denim.. As well we each carried a camera and a laptop and people LAPTOPS ARE NOT LIGHT!!!!


We found more mermaid project people and we got into a hire car, drove to the diving boat place thingy AND!!!! DUMPED OUR LUGGAGE!!!! YES!!!!!!!! I still carried one of my bags.. Wallet phone etc etc and we set off with dinner in sight hmm.. Dinner.. Well we emerged from a Woolworths with shampoo, razors, 2 bottles of water, a pomegranate, a pre-made salad  and some delicious cracker things.. Of which I ate most.


We then realised we had til 6:00 and went treasure hunting aka gift shopping.. Hey u got to do it.. So found something for mum and something for little brother jack (he’ll think its pretty sweet) and if need be dad can have the extremely oversized shirt/dress I got : P love you dad. OK so we got food.. Kinda and decided to find the boat.. *pouts* stupid map.. We barely found it and arrived sweaty and rather pissed off at the fact we basically went round one stupid block 5 times GRRR!!! But in the end we did find it and got on YAY! We were debriefed and introduced to all the crew.. Oh and given shirts.. I choose a big one hehe.. Yer dad I’m wearing it at the moment.. Still want it?? Haha


The boat basically has three levels.. Below deck are our small cabins of which I am sharing with Megan.. It was so funny.. We have already managed 2 freak out on of the crew members.. We ate our dinner in our cabin and part of the salad was comprised of parmesan cheese hehe one guy walked in to just generally talk to us and left wondering why 2 16 yr olds were sitting in a room smelling of cheese with one of them completely absorbed in consuming a pomegranate : P


Ok back to the boat- the main deck is like a living room/kitchen/dining area.. WITH GINORMOUS FLAT SCREEN TVS!!!!!!!!! Yew! Haha and upstairs is a viewing deck- I got a very blurry dark video of us leaving cairns.. Stupid camera!


Tomorrow we start at 6:00 well breakfast at 7 but I like a bit of time to myself in the morning and I think I might get some pics of a sunrise?? Could be good! Anyways till tomorrow night then ay?



Day 1- Excitement

Alice and me in the airport

Alice and me in the airportDay 1 Hey this is Megan and I am presently on the Spoilsport (the boat Alice and I will be on for the next week) and we are pulling out of the harbour at Cairns. This morning I got up at twenty past five to get on a plane from Merimbula to Sydney. We arrived at the Sydney domestic airport at about eight-thirty. We then spent the next five hours in the terminal waiting for our next flight that would take us to Cairns. We left at one-thirty and arrived at three-thirty Eastern Standard Time. As we arrived we were met by some of the crew members and then once we had our luggage we moved to the land headquarters. Yay we were finally in Cairns after a very long day. J But we still had to wait another two hours before we could board the boat. We went shopping again as there was nothing much else to do just like in the airport. While following the map we were given we got lost but luckily we had a heap of time before we were supposed to meet everyone at six…. Lol. After a lot of unnecessary walking on our battered feet (I was stupid enough to wear new shoes) we found our boat. It was sheer relief as it was humid and hot and both Alice and I were wearing jeans as it is a lot colder down the coast!!!!!!! Back of the boat


The boat is awesome.. The crew are really nice and extremely helpful (thanks Alex). It is amazing to be actually on a moving boat as it pulls away from the harbour in the dark. Alice and I sat on the top deck in the rain (it wasn’t very heavy but it sounds dramatic…. Lol) and enjoyed the refreshing breeze after the heat that seemed to cling to the air.

 Alice and I are sharing a very small cabin but that can’t dampen the exhilaration felt by the whole crew which adds to our excitement as it was unexpected for everyone to be so positive and enthusiastic. I’m extremely impressed and can’t wait to start our exploration tomorrow. J

I’m extremely tired as I only got about 2 hours sleep last night and unlike Alice I didn’t sleep on the plane so Happy New Year 2009.

 Oh and Bridget by the way the carpet is an aqua colour. Lol J