Palate and sea passages: wine tasting and conversation with the Captain of the Endeavour

For those with an appreciation of wine and tall ships, you can indulge both interests on Friday 26 June at the Australian National Maritime Museum.

Captain John Dikkenberg of our HMB Endeavour replica will impart first-hand accounts of his voyages on this popular ship while our friends Angove Family Winemakers share samples of their delicious wines.

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Meet John Dikkenberg, captain of HMB Endeavour

John Dikkenberg on board Endeavour.

John Dikkenberg on board Endeavour.

Meet John Dikkenberg, the new captain of HMB Endeavour, replica. John joined the museum about three weeks ago and it’s fantastic to have him on board. We caught up with John to find out more about his experience sailing tall ships and his new role as captain. If you have any questions for John, add them in the comments section of this blog and we’ll have them answered for you.

It’s great to have you on board as the new captain of Endeavour. Can you tell us about your experience at sea and on tall ships?

Most of my experience in tall ships comes from James Craig. I’ve been with that ship for about seven years, and been with her as master for about five years. I’ve been going to sea since the late 60s and in a previous life I was the captain of two Oberon class submarines and a River class destroyer. Continue reading