Palate and sea passages: wine tasting and conversation with the Captain of the Endeavour

For those with an appreciation of wine and tall ships, you can indulge both interests on Friday 26 June at the Australian National Maritime Museum.

Captain John Dikkenberg of our HMB Endeavour replica will impart first-hand accounts of his voyages on this popular ship while our friends Angove Family Winemakers share samples of their delicious wines.

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Endeavour’s Botany Bay voyage: Meeting of Two Cultures Ceremony

The clouds parted as the voyage crew gathered to join the HMB Endeavour replica on Tuesday morning for a three-day return voyage to Botany Bay. The voyage was timed to coincide with the 245th Anniversary Ceremony of the landing of Captain Cook and the Endeavour crew at Kurnell in Botany Bay. The voyage crew included some new crew and some ‘repeat offenders’, as the returning voyage crew have been affectionately dubbed.

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Endeavour: Hobart to Sydney voyage, days 4 – 10

Drawing of the sails on HMB Endeavour

Drawing of the sails.

A blog series from on board the Endeavour ship as it sails to from Hobart to Sydney. See our Sail the Endeavour page to learn more about joining voyages like this.

Day four to ten, 28 February – 6 March 2015

As we motored most of the day, our watch leaders continued their sail training with drawings of sails on the deck, explaining how the different sails worked. Throughout the day the different watch leaders taught the voyage crew a variety of knots used on Endeavour. Even though there was not a lot of wind in the sails, the voyage crew were enthusiastic to get up and give anything a try.

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