Discover your past: Inside History Magazine’s Q&A

Inside History Magazine's Expert Q&A with ANMM, December 2012

Inside History Magazine‘s Expert Q&A with ANMM, December 2012

On 13 December 2012, my colleague Penny Hyde and I participated in Inside History Magazine’s weekly Expert Q&A hosted on their Facebook page. For weeks prior to the forum, we brainstormed the kinds of questions people were likely to pose. Nothing, however, could have prepared us for the deluge of interesting questions and comments posted over just one hour! One thing certainly became clear throughout this experience, and that is, there is a growing network of people present online who are passionate about all things genealogy and family history. This is an audience hungry for information and willing to delve into the various research tools open to them. We enjoyed ourselves so much, in the end, we’re not sure if we learned more from them, than they did from us! Continue reading

What’s new in our digital library

Cover. Handbook of information for the Colonies and IndiaThe Library has recently added some new book titles to our digital library collection. There’s a British India Steam Navigation Co. guide, a New Zealand Shipping Co. pocket book and an AUSN Co. time table and fare guide.

We hope that you’ll find these hard to find shipping company publications useful for all sorts of research from historical research to getting those little details right in your latest novel.