Bailey announces his first exhibition: ‘Dogs and Cats All at Sea’

Bailey, getting his paws into curating. Image: Andrew Frolows / ANMM.

Bailey, getting his paws into curating. Image: Andrew Frolows / ANMM.

Hi there!

When I first came to the museum, people kept calling me a ‘salty sea dog’. I thought they meant it literally, as I sometimes fall in the harbour when I chase seagulls too enthusiastically – but no! A salty sea dog, it turns out, is someone who spends a lot of time on the water, not in it.

Photographer Sam Hood knew all about salty sea dogs of all species. In the first half of last century he went aboard hundreds of ships in Sydney Harbour and took portraits of the crews and, sometimes, their pets. I was very excited to be asked to curate an exhibition of some of these photos. After I chose the images, one of my human colleagues helped me to write some captions (as my typing is, frankly, a bit rubbish). Dogs and Cats All at Sea opens on 13 December 2016. And it’s free!

I hope you’ll come along and let me know what you think!



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Dogs and Cats All at Sea is open for the summer and is part of the FREE galleries ticket.

Explore more vintage photographs from the Samuel Hood collection through our online collection.

14 thoughts on “Bailey announces his first exhibition: ‘Dogs and Cats All at Sea’

  1. Bailey you are romping ahead In leaps & bounds – your own exhibition – wowwww – keep up the
    good work – you are a lovely boy xxx

    • Thank you! I am pretty pleased with my first exhibition. I hope you will come and see it!

      • Of course Bailey I’ll be there you old “Salty Dog” – Merry Christmas & hope you get lots of toys & treats from Santa – hope to see you in W7 in the near future xx

        • I had a lovely Christmas, thanks! The theological basis of Christmas is a bit beyond me, but I understand gifts, pats and extra walks perfectly well!

    • The salary is not great, people tell me, but that’s fine, as I am a dog and have no concept of money. The job satisfaction is huge, though, and I have lots of friends, so I am happy!

  2. Hi Bailey …what a wonderful job you have chasing seagulls all day! …and now you’re also curating a photographic exhibition. Well done Bailey! I’ve never had the pleasure of chasing seagulls but I do enjoy chasing and barking at other birds that try to invade my backyard …oh, and possums. Have you ever tasted possum, by the way? …interesting flavour, though quite inferior to a good beef steak. 🙂

    • Hi Shelby, thanks for your comments. Yes, I do have a wonderful job, and it’s getting more interesting by the day now that I’m being asked to do new and unusual things, such as curate exhibitions. I have never eaten possum (aren’t they protected species?! My advice is, if you eat them, don’t get caught!) but if they are as good to chase as birds are, then I hope to meet some soon!

  3. Bailey, I am impressed that you have taken on additional duties. I like the way you have set up Cats and Dogs All at Sea and had a good laugh. However, you have exhibited an unfortunate bias in your selection of photographs. Of all the photos in the exhibition, only three are of cats who, after all, were on board all ships (well, British ones anyway) for hundreds of years up to the 1970s. I am sure that you could find a picture of the most famous of ships’ cats, Trim of HMS Investigator or a photo of Mrs Chippy, who sailed with Shackleton on Endurance.

    • Hi Fairlie! I’m so pleased you like my exhibition. So you spotted my curatorial bias … I have heard of Trim and Mrs Chippy but Sam Hood took no photos of them, so I had to exclude them from this exhibition. Love, Bailey

  4. Hi Bailey,

    I enjoyed the exhibition & hope down the track you will be able to add to the collection of photos. Glad you had a nice Chrissy & I believe you receive a couple of presents from Santa. Santa never forgets anyone. Happy New Year & hope to see you on wharf 7 in the near future. Keep up your good work

    An admirer xx

    • Thank you! Yes, I did get some presents from Santa. I have never met him, but about a month ago people suddenly started talking about him all the time, and now they’ve mostly stopped. Though how he knew what sort of toys I like when he hasn’t even met me is a bit of a mystery!

      • Santa new you liked balls because you like being active – next year send a letter to Santa via Narelle on the W7 desk.

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