Using Twitter to provide virtual tours

Rough Medicine

Rough Medicine was used to experiment with virtual tours via social media.

The Australian National Maritime Museum Learning team and the NSW Department of Education have embraced the use of social media to communicate and share exhibition content with teachers.

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The Rough Medicine – Life and Death in the Age of Sail exhibition at the ANMM was shared online via Twitter through a series of live tweets containing photos, website links, video and 360° footage of the key objects on display. This content was then collated through Storify creating a long term re-usable resource for teachers to use in the classroom.

Why we did it:

  • Share temporary exhibitions online in a tour format to extend their reach
  • Enable access to students and teachers who can’t visit the museum
  • Demonstrate innovative use of social media
  • Have a go at something new

How we did it:

  • Used Twitter to create and publish a tour sequence
  • Used Storify to create a permanent online resource

We created a unique hashtag #RMTwitterTour to use on Twitter to collect all the tweets in one place. We also published a blog post containing the links to other resources we included in the tweets.

After we had published the #RMTwitterTour we used Storify to add all the tweets and video together and create a permanent online resource for teachers and students to use. Storify is a free tool that lets you insert posts from Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, Flickr, SoundCloud, Tumblr + more, along with any URL, to create your own online story.

Inserting elements into Storify.

Inserting elements into Storify.

What it looked like:

What we learned:

  • Be conscious of the live tweeting experience for followers as well as Storify experience and have more time in between tweets
  • Low lighting levels in galleries is a challenge for recording video
  • Try to make future tours cross-curriculum

What the future holds:

– Amelia Bowan, Learning team 

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