Twitter tour of Rough Medicine for school students

Rough Medicine
The Australian National Maritime Museum in partnership with the NSW Department of Education will share the Rough Medicine – Life and Death in the Age of Sail exhibition with teachers and students in a #TwitterTour.

Students will explore science and medicine in the context of early sea voyages to Australia. This tour supports learning in the Living World 4 strand of the NSW Science K-10 syllabus.

What is a Twitter Tour?
Learning Systems and the Australian National Maritime Museum will share photos and video of the Rough Medicine exhibition via Twitter, along with other related resources. Teachers and students can follow along and interact live with a museum educator.

When is the Twitter Tour?
Tuesday 3rd May from 9:30am to 10:00am.

Who can join the Twitter Tour?
The tour is aimed at Australian teachers and their Stage 4 students.

How do you participate?
Teachers can log on to Twitter and follow the hashtag #RMTwitterTour. More information will be shared via @learnPSNSW and @ANMMedu Twitter accounts in the lead-up to the online tour.


The Surgions Mate and medicine at sea
Humoral theory and miasma theory
Leeches and bloodletting
Louis Pasteur and germ theory
Joseph Lister and carbolic acid
James Lind and scurvy
Captain Cook and scurvy at sea
Discovery of vitamin c and timeline
Edward Jenner and vaccination
Smallpox and quarantine
Convicts and The Voyage game
Would you have survived being sick on the high seas?

Follow @ANMMedu and @learnPSNSW on Twitter

Join the tour on Tuesday 3rd May from 9:30am AEST using the #RMTwitterTour hashtag

– Amelia Bowan, Learning team

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