Endeavour: Port Lincoln to Portland, day 1

Endeavour in port. Image: ANMM.

Endeavour in Port Lincoln. Image: ANMM.

A blog series by Steward John Cowie from on board the Australian National Maritime Museum’s HMB Endeavour replica as it sails from Adelaide to Port Lincoln. See our Sail the Endeavour page to learn more about joining voyages like this.

Port Lincoln – Portland, 10 Mar – 18 Mar 2018.

Day 1, 10 March 2016

At sea, low swell, wind SE, Force 2

Today marked more than simply another voyage for we were about to head east for the first time in over six weeks. This voyage from Port Lincoln to Portland was also the first leg in our run for home. Perhaps noting the significance, the weather decided to throw a spanner in the works with low cloud closing the local airport. Almost our entire voyage crew and the spares for our emergency fire pump were on a variety of aircraft returning to Adelaide or stalled on the ground somewhere other than Port Lincoln.

With no option but to wait, and with a crowd on the wharf to see us off, the captain decided to leave the berth on time and anchor in the bay. From then on it became a matter of regularly consulting our 21st century internet checking for airline arrival times.

By mid-afternoon we had a full team on-board and anchor was weighed. Training began and in a time honoured tradition a new voyage crew began to develop. By their first morning at sea, our team was in Investigator Strait, motoring into a moderate southeast breeze and getting ready to set sail.


-John Cowie, Steward

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