Endeavour: Adelaide to Port Lincoln, day 1

Crowd on Mclaren Wharf. Image: ANMM.

Crowd on Mclaren Wharf. Image: ANMM.

A blog series by Steward John Cowie from on board the Australian National Maritime Museum’s HMB Endeavour replica as it sails from Adelaide to Port Lincoln. See our Sail the Endeavour page to learn more about joining voyages like this.

Thursday 25 February 2016

McLaren Wharf, 25 Feb 2016 – sunny, hot, light breeze.

Replacement professional crew began arriving while school children and the public continued to visit. After everyone had departed and the ship closed, the Captain received a framed photograph of the ship from the Citizens of Port Adelaide.

Neil Oliver arriving. Image: ANMM.

Neil Oliver arriving. Image: ANMM.

Friday 26 February 2016

McLaren Wharf, 26 Feb 2016, sunny, hot, light breeze.

Neil Oliver came on board with a camera crew to film a segment for the next Coast Australia series. After a general review of the ship, he joined a group of primary school kids as they were conducted around the ship stopping at various stations, such as the Mess deck hammocks, the Gentleman’s quarters and the Great cabin. The Mess deck hammocks station caused quite a stir when “the cat came out of the bag” and they learnt just what “the cat” was used for.

After the ship closed, the crew was invited to the City of Adelaide for cocktails and an exchange of gifts.

Firing the cannon. Image: ANMM.

Firing the cannon. Image: ANMM.

Saturday 27 February 2016

At sea, light swell.

The crowds, a mixture of Voyage Crew, Supernumeraries, farewellers and gawkers started gathering on McLaren Wharf around 0730 in anticipation of our departure and shortly afterwards the 17 Voyage Crew and 4 Supernumeraries (not Superheroes) joined. A little awe struck, they were introduced to their new 18th century home, briefly matched to their watch leaders and mustered on deck for the ship’s departure. Meanwhile, Neil Oliver also returned with his team to film the ship’s passage to Outer Harbour and the tall ship theatre of a two gun salute.

After swinging ship and passing under the Prexy Bridges, training for our new team began in earnest and on clearing the entrance channel, the first of the ship’s numerous. sails began appearing. We were also joined by the sail training vessel One and All and during the day both remained in close company.

A Force 4 Sou’westerly breeze, changing to a Force 3 Sou’easterly in the afternoon, pushed us on towards Investigator Strait where we remained night sailing at a modest 4.5 knots. The weather tomorrow looks good and there is talk of an overnight anchorage in Emu Bay.

-John Cowie, Steward

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