Endeavour goes to dry dock

HMB Endeavour in dry dock

Every two years, HMB Endeavour goes to dry dock for regular maintenance—part of the requirements to maintain its survey status. On 4 June, the crew took the ship through the Glebe Island Bridge and onto the synchrolift at the shipyard. With high tide well after sunset, the evolution was conducted safely and well after dark.


Arriving at the shipping yard with the ANZAC Bridge in the background.

While high and dry, work has included the removal and survey of both propeller shafts, the removal and replacement of some ballast, the testing of all hull valves and, of course, the anti-fouling of the ship’s underwater areas.

A few days later I managed to visit the shipyard while the Endeavour crew was hard at work on the repairs needed. It was obvious that they were focused on the task at hand and enjoyed working on their ship as a team. A few smiles, laughs and jokes didn’t go astray, either. It reminded me of when the spritsail yard needed repairs, with the team working overtime to get the job done.

Endeavour crew hard at work

Endeavour crew hard at work. Jeff Hodgson inspects the underwater area, pointing out a few exterior defects, while Cody Horgan is already working on one area needing repair.

New timber for HMB Endeavour

After noticing a few artificial blemishes, we were off to purchase ‘A’ grade timber.

It is expected that Endeavour will return to the museum around 25 June, primed and ready for a new season of sailing.

— Rina Timpano, Voyage Coordinator

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