Endeavour: Hobart to Sydney voyage, days 1 – 3

A blog series from on board the Endeavour ship as it sails to from Hobart to Sydney. See our Sail the Endeavour page to learn more about joining voyages like this.

Day one, two and three: 2527 February 2015

New Voyage Crew joined HMB Endeavour this morning while alongside Elizabeth Street Pier in Hobart. We have quite a few Voyage Crew who have sailed with us before, some of whom have returned with family members, and they are all eager to start their journey to Sydney.

With preparations complete, the last line was dropped from the wharf at 9.00am. We were accompanied by the sailing ships Lady Nelson and Windward Bound. A final shot from the port canon marked our departure. Part of training is the up and overs of the futtocks. Lauren, a previous voyager, was impressed that this time she could do it all up and over.

We anchored just off Port Arthur, as Voyage Crew settled into home for the next 10 days by setting up their hammocks for a calm first night at sea.

The next day we awoke to a beautiful morning just off Port Arthur. Our voyage crew started going over on the tender by 9am, and the ones that stayed on board finished off the last training on the up overs. By 3.30pm all were back on board for some emergency exercises. Not even a little light rain and wind could deter their enthusiasm.

We farewelled Lady Nelson as she sailed back to Hobart. Fair winds.

Around 4.15pm we weighed anchor ready to set sail to our new destination. Crew are eager to climb and work the deck, whilst preparing themselves for their first night of ocean sailing. We have some weary travelers who are on their honeymoon, and are taking every advantage to catch up on their sleep. Some have done this before on the Endeavour and other tall ships. Fairly soon their hammocks will become their best friend.

All hands fed, ship happy hour done. There was a north easterly wind. Passing Maria Island’s only town, Darlington, the Bosun and his mate fired the cannon.

 Cannon fire as HMB Endeavour passes Maria Island

Cannon fire as we pass Maria Island

While the winds were not favourable and we motored in the daylight hours, the watches completed their climbing training and informative sessions on the parts of the sails and how the myriad of lines interacted.

After a spag bol dinner by Nigel, our amazing catering officer, the overnight watches saw plenty of sailing in the dark as the wind picked up and eventually died away. The first watch (8pm to midnight) set the fore and main top sails and course. The mid watch (midnight to 4.00am) conducted a wear, and the morning watch (4.00am to 8.00am) handled and stowed the three squares.

The experience of putting the training into practice in the dark was new and exciting; the view of dawn breaking while stowing the main topsail was amazing.

Tomorrow we sail into Bass Strait.

– Annette Hicks, Steward