Endeavour: voyaging to Hobart, days 7 – 10

A blog series from on board the Endeavour ship as she sails to Tasmania. See our Sail the Endeavour page to learn more about joining voyages like this.

Day 7  Tuesday 17 Feburary

Climbing the mast

Being at anchor overnight meant only a few crew were needed for short night watches. Most of the crew took advantage and headed off to bed for a good stretch of sleep on calm water, with no rolling and rocking. We awoke to a beautiful but misty morning with mist just outlining Tasmania coastline. After a hearty breakfast of pancakes, all hands on deck were called to bring up the anchor. For some of the voyage crew this was a new activity and all put great effort into making what can be a complicated process seemingly easy.

One of our Voyage Crew had been aloft with his GoPro camera, and late this evening shared his video with some of his crew mates. They were amazed at how far they had come after only a few short days   from not climbing before, to being aloft and handling sails. Excitement is overwhelming as we get ready to reef the sails after dinner tonight.

Day 8  Wednesday 18 February

Port Arthur framed by the new spritsail yard

Port Arthur framed by the new spritsail yard

Anthony showing off his traditional skills

Anthony showing off his traditional skills

We anchored just off Port Arthur with light wind and clear blue sky, eagerly anticipating a trip ashore to tour the ruins of this convict settlement. But, as always, the routine of the tall ship comes first, so we did happy hour duties and devoured a spread of roast beef, lasagne and salads before stretching our legs.

While waiting for the tender to be launched and our turn to be ferried ashore, we got a glimpse of how maintenance is done aboard Endeavour. Anthony and Adrian demonstrated the traditional skill of serving a topmast back stay. Cody and Steve were busy painting the rails.

Once all were aboard again, Paddy gave another interesting talk on early exploration of Tasmania.

Day 9  Thursday 19 February

Gunner Cody Horgan firing the cannon on Endeavour, with HMAS Perth in the background

Gunner Cody Horgan firing the cannon.

All hands were called at 5am to bring up anchor and get ready to sail for the Derwent River. HMAS Perth, who shared Port Arthur with us last night, left at the same time. It was quite amazing to see such an old style vessel as the HMB Endeavour and a Navy Frigate in close vicinity. Of course we fired a cannon and dipped the flag in salute as they left.

Last night a special feast was prepared and the Voyage Crew were waited on by the Permanent Crew. Sods Opera was next on the agenda, where the voyage crew delivered some remarkable songs and ditties mainly referring to their beloved Permanent Crew.

Day 10  Friday 20 February

Endeavor arriving in Hobart

Endeavor arriving in Hobart.

This voyage is coming to an end and new friendships have been made. The Voyage Crew experienced many new activities over the last 10 days, some never having been on a tall ship before. They can now say they sailed from Sydney to Hobart, learnt how to climb, furl, haul, ease sometimes in the still darkness of night and at other times with the ship rolling and pitching as they climbed to sail their ship. Many could not believe how Cook and his men lived and worked on the Endeavour for three years without some of the modern day trappings we have today.

We were dockside by high noon with a double cannon firing as we arrived. Some of our Voyage Crew have stayed on in Hobart for few days (to get their land legs back) and explore the beautiful city and surrounding areas.

Voyage Crew have had a trip of a lifetime  a journey they will not forget.

Fair winds.

– Annette Hicks (Steward) and Natalie Moore (Topman), Endeavour Professional Crew