HMB Endeavour: Sydney to Hobart Voyage, Day 2

IMG_3096A blog series from on board the Endeavour ship as she sails to Tasmania. See our Sail the Endeavour page to learn more about joining voyages like this.

Thursday 29 January 2015

The crew are in good spirits even though most are feeling some effects of the big waves.  More than one person has remarked that they would have felt ‘disappointed’ to come on this trip and not experience some challenging weather!

Man lines have been strung around the ship and we make our way carefully, clipped on for safety. There have been sightings of albatross, dolphins, flying fish and shearwaters, and a magic moment when a Caspian Tern kept with the shipwright beside the staysail.


Unfortunately, our plan to enter Jervis Bay has been frustrated by the wind and strong seas, and we need to return to Sydney to drop off an injured crew member.

– Andrea Baldwin

I am down in the 20th Century watching over injured voyage crew. Would rather be on deck! I am enjoying the experience of being on a pitching rolling ship at sea.

At night, a different experience again. Indeed, a different experience every time the weather changes. Being up at 02:40 and not at a computer is a different experience too!

Course has shifted from 180° to 150° and coastal lights seem further away.  Oh, and while reading seems to immediately induce nausea, writing is OK – which may answer my question of how Cook managed to write a journal on a heaving Endeavour?

– Geoff Ashton

Great adventure: Even Biggles would be overreaching himself on this one!

– Philip Atken