The man who lived underwater

What do you say to someone who has lived underwater?

Or has propelled himself through the Greek islands in a human-powered submarine, visited Antarctica and even holds a Guinness World Record for the most electricity generated by pedalling underwater?

Strangely enough meeting underwater pioneer Lloyd Godson led to one of the most interesting and fascinating conversations of my life.

Lloyd Godson

Image courtesy Lloyd Godson

Lloyd Godson

Image courtesy Lloyd Godson

You could say that Lloyd has had some amazing experiences. It was hard to say which one of his many dreams I liked the most, however I’m not sure I would want to recreate all (if any!) of his ideas myself. In fact, you could say that Lloyd has had some incredible experiences.

Lloyd has been able to follow his dreams, beginning with spending two weeks in Antarctica on a scientific expedition. He also designed, built and lived in an underwater habitat, just to prove it could be done! Travelling around the Greek Islands in a human powered submarine that he designed was another one of Lloyd’s astonishing stories that he shared with me.

Lloyd Godson

Image courtesy Lloyd Godson

Currently this inventor/ explorer/ adventurer extraordinaire is somewhere off the Belizean and Honduran coast on an expedition as a science communicator on-board Nautilus with his childhood hero, Dr Robert Ballard (discoverer of the wreck of Titanic). Not many people get to meet their hero let alone work with them. Talking to Lloyd can lead you to think anything is possible. He is a positive person who exemplifies a “why not” attitude, who inspires people to think out of the box and follow their dreams.

For this very reason, Lloyd will be taking part in the Australian National Maritime Museum’s Inspiring Stories series. Lloyd will be talking to students at the museum and via video conference (virtual excursion) on Friday 22 August at 10am and 12 noon. More information and booking details here: Scifest ANMM Inspiring Stories Lloyd Godson : The man who lived underwater! Inventor Extraordinaire!

Spend some time with Lloyd and be inspired! I was!

Anne Doran

Education Officer

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  1. Great story Anne. Very much looking forward to hearing Lloyd speak – such an inspiring character! If people want to follow Lloyd his Twitter handle is @Lloyd_Godson. The hashtag for National Science Week is #natsciweek or follow them @Aus_ScienceWeek

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