Introduction to Endeavour

I would like to introduce myself. My name is Rina and I am the new Voyage Coordinator for HMB Endeavour. It has been two months since I started in this position and – let me just say – I am loving my work.

My day at the office

My day at the office


When I first began, I was lost in some of the nautical terms the crew were using – for example; the ‘yard’ I thought was a measurement or a backyard, rather it is a spar on the mast on which the sails are set. I have started understanding the nautical language with thanks to the Captain and crew for being patient and answering my many questions. My partner is surprised by how much of the nautical terminology I have picked up already!


Discussing the upcoming voyages while making repairs to the main yard.

Capt. John and 1st Mate Anthony Discussing the upcoming voyages while making repairs to the main yard.



HMB  Endeavour is going through some transformations at the moment before setting sail in September. During September we will be voyaging to Newcastle with two botanists from The Royal Botanic Gardens onboard. Dr’s Trevor Wilson and Matt Renner will be giving talks and searching for seeds and new species of plants. Matt Renner has been looking into the botanical collections around the Hawkesbury Bay area, and was surprised at the low number of botanical collections that have been made so far, saying that “this voyage is going to increase our knowledge of an area that we should have known more about already!” The crew onboard are quite welcome to participate in the search for new plant life in The Royal Botanic Gardens research project and who knows what they may find? They may even name a new species after one of the crew. If this or any of our voyages appeal to you please visit

I’ve never realised just how many people are drawn to Endeavour. So many people from diverse cultures and backgrounds, not forgetting the crew that treat her with love and care, through to a NASA Astronaut I met who had returned to earth on the Endeavour space shuttle.

The HMB Endeavour sits in front of the museum with pride. Why not come visit and say hello.

HMB Endeavour sitting with pride

HMB Endeavour sitting with pride

Rina Timpano

Endeavour Voyage Coordinator

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