National Science Week grant: Endeavouring Science

NSW 2013

2013 National Science Week on HMB Endeavour replica
Photo: A Frolows, ANMM

The museum is pleased to be a recipient of a 2014 National Science Week grant from the Federal Government’s Inspiring Australia program. Our program, Endeavouring Science, looks at how science has both evolved and remained the same from the 18th century to the 21st century, featuring a range of activities located aboard the iconic HMB Endeavour replica as well as activations across the whole museum site. It will cover themes of weather and navigation, biology and botany, signals and communication and the scientific principles that underlie these.

HMB Endeavour replica

HMB Endeavour replica

An exciting addition to this year’s program is an Indigenous component looking at the principles underlying canoe building, and an extension of the botany aspect to focus on the plants around Botany Bay and their uses to the local Indigenous people for medicine and food.

Endeavouring Science is a collaboration with The Royal Botanic Gardens & Domain Trust, The Young Scientists of Australia and UTS Faculty of Science (Environment and Marine), as well as featuring the museum’s own experts in maritime heritage and archaeology and Indigenous maritime heritage. It is targeted at a range of audiences with events and program running over six days from Tuesday 19 August to Sunday 24 August.

More information will be posted once our plans are further formed. Watch this space!

Lynda Kelly
Head of Learning