Inspiring Stories: NASA Administrator Bolden coming to ANMM!

Administrator Charles F Bolden Jr, National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) Photo: NASA, Bill Ingalls

Administrator Charles F Bolden Jr, National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA)
Photo: NASA, Bill Ingalls

Next Monday 24 March, the museum will host a talk from the Administrator of the National Aeronautics and Space Administration – Charles F Bolden Jr. Yep, you read correctly, that’s NASA we’re talking about! My answer was “wow”, immediately thinking of the potential this event has to excite and inspire. “When” was my next question? How long do I have to plan and organise a major event? “Two weeks”…“Ok can do, this opportunity is too good to miss!”

So why is Administrator Bolden coming to the museum? He is interested in viewing our HMB Endeavour replica. There is a wooden trunnel located in the great cabin that was on the original HMB Endeavour and then flew on the NASA Space Shuttle Endeavour, (you learn something new every day). There are natural links between the 18th century explorers and the more recent missions out to space, sometimes in more ways than we realise.

Wooden trunnel located on HMB Endeavour

Wooden trunnel located on HMB Endeavour replica
Photo: Andrew Frolows, ANMM

A little bit about our distinguished guest. Charles Bolden Jr, the current Administrator of NASA, is a retired United States Marine Corps Major General, and former NASA astronaut. Major General Bolden now leads a nationwide NASA team to advance the missions and goals of the US space program.

Administrator Bolden will be presenting a free one hour talk about his life and experiences, also focusing on further exploration of space and its comparison to historical ocean exploration, here at the Australian National Maritime Museum on Monday 24 March at 11.30am.

So get in quick, places are going fast! For our onsite audience please book online or contact our Booking Officer on 9298 3655 or

The museum is offering a free video conference of Administrator Bolden’s talk, register with DARTconnections.

I don’t know about anyone else but I am certainly excited.

Anne Doran
Education Officer

3 thoughts on “Inspiring Stories: NASA Administrator Bolden coming to ANMM!

  1. Hello Anne,
    My name is Judy Powell an ANMM Volunteer Guide 9 years standing with a special love of our BEAUTIFUL ENDEAVOUR.
    I read in your above post that the wooden TRUNNEL hammered into the Sternpost of the Endeavour Replica by Captain Brandenstein of the NASA Space Shuttle Endeavour on it’s return from a journey into space as a symbol of our Endeavour exploring our world and his Endeavour exploring space WAS ON the ORIGINAL H.M.B. Endeavour.
    All the information we as guides have been given tells us that the ONLY artifact on board our H.M.B Endeavour Replica that was on the original HMB Endeavour is the block of Pig iron /Ballast at the base of the post on the Mess Deck so this makes me wonder about the statement that it came from the original ship. I have read many books on the Endeavour and never found anything leading to the fact that the Trunnel was on the original.
    I would be most interested to know any further information.
    Many thanks for your post.
    Judy Powell

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