This time last year Fremantle to Bunbury

This time last year Endeavour was down in Bunbury. On our arrival into Bunbury it was very wet and quite eventful to get the ship alongside as the rain hammered us and the wind blew us off. Below is an extract from last years blog.

‘The morning brings us a rollie sea and grey skies which is to be expected after a squally night. We start to approach towards Bunbury where we are required to pick up a local pilot to help us with our final approach to our berthing. The weather is taking a turn for the worst as the grey skies darken even more and the rain starts and then there is radio contact from the pilot to say that he is not comfortable getting on board in these conditions. So we follow the pilot boat into shallower and slightly more sheltered waters where he manages to board. Captain Ross tells me that it is quite likely that we actually won’t come alongside today due to the worsening weather and winds gusting over 30 knots, but we should at least have a look and give it a go.

The rain starts heavy but gets heavier and heavier to the point it is hard to see from the impact of the heavy drops on your face. We have some assistance from a lines boat to take the bow line ashore from there it is a case of very carefully judging the wind strength as we try and swing her port side into the wind and to gently sit on the wharf. It is much easier said than done, but it is well judged and done the less. The weight and pressure of the ship breaks the stern bollard freeing the stern line which is thankfully quickly rectified. It takes the crew a good hour of slowly tightening the lines to get the ship safe, but it will take us much longer to make sure she is safe and secure for the duration. It is time for us to say goodbye to our crew and although it has only be a five day voyage it just goes to prove that you shouldn’t underestimate the sense of adventure that can be had in a short period of time. Fair winds

All’s well.’

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