Happy Birthday Captain Cook!

On 27 October 1728, an extraordinary man was born, a man who became one of the greatest all time explorers. He was born in the small village of Marton, Yorkshire to a Scottish farm labourer who had a very modest income.

Tomorrow is the anniversary of his birthday and a time to reflect on all his achievements and discoveries. He was an exceptional navigator and surveyor which is why he was appointed for such a voyage, even though he had never had command of a vessel nor experience of a long sea voyage.

He sadly came to a savage death on his third voyage in Kealakekua Bay, Hawaii on 14 February 1779 where four of his marines, four native chiefs and thirteen commoners were also killed. He died at the age of 51.

There are discrepancies about his birthday either falling on 27 October or 7 November. Our curator Nigel wrote a fantastic blog last year, to clear this confusion and explain why there is a discrepancy in the dates.

7 thoughts on “Happy Birthday Captain Cook!

  1. Was fortunate to sail on the Endeavour’s voyage to the Gallapagos with Captain Chris Blake. one of the best voyages in my life.
    I now sail a Vagabond 47 and plan to sail around the the Nth Atlantic trade route from Canada to Panama, where I joined the ship for the first time.
    If any of the old crew read this feel free to contact me at this address.

      • Yes it is Dale and once again I would like to thank Captain Blake for the lessons and experiences. How many people get the opportunity to sail to the Gallapagos.
        I now have a house in Boquete Panama.
        The plan is to sail from Canada to Bocas del Toro and sail the Caribbean.
        Did the foundation receive the video tapes that I sent? I hope so. If you like I can send you the short video that I made. I also wrote an iinstrumental for one of the videos, it’s called Cooks Return.
        Thanks for responding

  2. Just back in Melbourne after cruising around the Galapagos Islands, Ecuadaor. I can only imagine how wonderful it would ave been on board HMB Endeavour….. It would be a dream come true for me!

  3. Is this Dale Moore that I know, I wonder… have been wondering where you might be.

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