Treasure hunting tuesdays and swashbuckling saturdays.

Ahoy there landlubbers!

It’s time to join our pirate captain for another fun filled month of Pirates Ahoy in Mini Mariners.

Paws up and snouts out as we sniff the air for adventure.

We’ll do the pirate crawl and the grog walk and the sea shanty dance until we are deliriously dizzy.

We’ll march and creep and yarrr our way through the galleries in search of pieces of eight and gold doubloons!

We’ll take scraggly sprogs and swashbuckling scallywags and make a fine pirate of em.

little pirate blue bg

Pirates Ahoy! is our theme for Mini Mariners, our under 5s program, this month and today I be dusting off the treasure map to prepare for the many baby buccaneers who will join our crew in the weeks to come.

This August we are also extending the patched-eye hook-handed booty-hunting adventures to an all new Saturday morning timeslot. We hope that parents and carers who can’t make Mini Mariners on Tuesdays will be able to join us for this special weekend session on Saturday 11 August.

Mini Mariners is one of our most popular programs and Pirates Ahoy in particular is so well loved that the little pirates often want to stay all day in the activity space.

little girls with treasure and pirate hats

It’s also a wonderful learning experience that incorporates singing, movement and pretend play in the galleries as we engage with museum artefacts and artworks such as the Sirius anchor, the HMB Endeavour cannon, a woven Yawkyawk or mermaid and an East Timorese crocodile sculpture.

making treasure boxes

Our treasure cave is also a place for creative play and kinaesthetic learning as we make treasure boxes, fluffy parrots, bandannas, hats or flags and dress up in pirate costumes.

It’s only 5 sleeps to go until the swashbuckling fun begins again and we can hARRRRRRdly wait!

Mini Mariners: Pirates Ahoy for under 5s is on Saturday 11 August at 10am and 11am and every Tuesday in August 10am and 11am. Bookings Essential and available online.