Day 14 Transit of Venus Sydney to Lord Howe

Night time cannon display

We are making good way but we still have quite a distance to cover before we arrive back into Sydney. The deck is occupied mainly by the on watch as the weather continues to drizzle and remains brisk. Other crew members are down below coming up with their sod’s opera performances for tonight final finale. The realism that is almost all over for the professional crew is starting to hit home, as Amy states that tonight will be her last galley duty and Nat the other day said that she had now stood her last 0000 –0400 watch. It is a sad, sad feeling even though we are all well and truly exhausted and almost craving just a little sense of normality, at least for two weeks while we plan our next crazy ventures.

The mess deck dinner is a slightly tricky one as we are serving under way with a fair roll and list. But it seems that we have got this service down to almost perfection, as the only casualties are the odd pea rolling off the plate. Dinner is as always delicious, with amazing rum and chocolate cheese cake.

Next it is the sod’s performances and well dare I say it there is the slight indication that this has been put together on the 11th hour, either that or that the double pay has gone straight to the sailors heads making them intoxicated and mumble their words to their performances. I would just like to thank the queen on that note for her birthday and the double pay. I enjoyed the foremast parody although I am still a little confused….

After the evening’s entertainment it is time for the cats to be tickled, we have to keep up a constant speed of 5.5 – 6 knots to get us into Sydney in time.

The morning brings the sight of Sydney heads and the Sydney skyline on the horizon, we are almost home. At 0900 it is all hands to hand the sails for the last time and for the watches to go aloft and furl the sails for the last time in what will be a long time.

Helming us home

To think that this will be the last few miles that we will undertake together as the Endeavour crew is pretty emotional, we have travelled a very long way together and I don’t just mean the nautical miles. 18th century sailing is exhausting, dirty, and strenuous, at times has you on the line of your own personal capabilities, but we wouldn’t change a single aspect of this, it just makes you feel you’re alive. The amount of voyage crew that have joined us over the last 13 months just goes to show the spirit of adventure is kept alive and although we are all a lot more softer than those 18th century sailors, we have proven that you don’t need the conveniences of the 21st century to make you happy, just the wind and sails above your head.

This will be my last blog on Endeavour and for once I am struggling for words…. Where every great adventure ends, a new one begins. Thank you for reading the blog over the last 13 months and I hope that it has given you an insight into the highs and lows of the 21st century sailor trying to relive the experience of an 18th century sailor. My only advise is next time round instead of sitting at home reading the blog, you should be helping write the experience on board.

Huzzah to all those involved

Fair winds and following seas.

All’s well.

Fond farewells


6 thoughts on “Day 14 Transit of Venus Sydney to Lord Howe

  1. Now to return to the real world, catch up with family and friends………

  2. I want you all to know this voyage has touched so many beautiful people, in ways it is obvious you will never be able to comprehend. You can walk through life, knowing you have indeed done things most people would find far beyond their own personal capabilities.
    You wouldn’t change a single aspect, wow that’s a big statement, the voyage must have taught you much about life, who you are and what you are capable of.
    I hope that wonderful feeling of being alive stays with you for always; I hope you never forget the way you have shaped lives. Yes hold your heads high; as you travel onto your next adventure.
    “People are formed by their actions, not by their ideals.”

  3. As a Volunteer i have read the many blogs and am in awe of all who have sailed in this great voyage of Circumnavigation and the last voyage to Lord Howe which must have sorely tried body and mind of “all who sailed in her” but surely one MUSTNOT forget the beautiful, sturdy and AMAZING ENDEAVOUR and though she was in such sure hands I would dare to say that there was never a moment when anyone had doubts of her ability to get everyone home safe and sound …WELL DONE….ENDEAVOUR ..certainly …………….ALL’S WELL

  4. As I said to my family: Endeavour is a demanding mistress; she cries out for constant attention and costs me more than I can afford and yet will I love her until I die.

  5. Eleanor veen,

    Bannaghtyn voish Mannin.

    Well done Eleanor…great blogs. What are we going to read in the mornings now!

    We are all looking forward to seeing you in Purtlemoirrey soon.

    Bee sauchey as cum seose yn obbyr vie ayd.

    Dty yishag

    Love Mum & Dad and all the family. x

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