Day 12 – Transit of Venus Sydney to Lord Howe and return

Getting ready to go aloft to unfurl the Fore corse

Latitude; 32°05.78’S

Longitude; 154°43.07’E

Distance run in the last 24hrs; 115NM

Average speed; 4.7KN

Weather; Cloudy force 2 with SSE winds, seas are slight, temp 18.7°

We continue to motor along in pleasant conditions then at 1400 maintenance hour is called for all professional crew. Susi and Hugh are keen to get stuck in and help with the maintenance and so they help scrape the tar of the windlass where the tarry anchor cable has been led and made fast. The ship is looking good at the moment and she is just having her ‘make up’ applied as the bosun would say, before she rests back at the museum. This involves much tar, riggers black, oil and scraping. It is the ideal conditions today for the watches to climb aloft and get some aerial views of the ship and the ocean and it is good to see many people confidently climbing aloft, however this probably comes naturally to the foremast who have furled over five sails this morning.

As there are no sails set hands become idle as we discover this morning. There is some graffiti on the quarter deck for the bosun and bosuns mate this morning in the form of a mermaid, a ketch and a sea serpent.

Boyle aloft

The night sky brings an intense darkness before the moon rises, making the stars electrical. Foremast subtly describe that they witnessed four shooting stars and a satellite cruising the orbit last night whilst on watch.

Mainmast were lucky to catch a glimpse of a humpback breaching this morning as we are coming into migration season. Apparently there are reports that many are now being spotted off the NSW coast and so it would be great to get to witness some more encounters.

The plan is to continue motoring until late this afternoon, when we will get some sails set and wait for the wind to increase. The forecast is that the wind will pick up from the East at approximately 2000 and continue to increase throughout the night and tomorrow.

All’s well.

4 thoughts on “Day 12 – Transit of Venus Sydney to Lord Howe and return

  1. Team – anyone wish to place an order for Dominos pizza to be delivered for First Watch on Monday night? 0431 664 550. Greetings to Dino from his Mizzenmast Mates…

  2. went to Cape Hawke at Forster today to see if you were off the coast but alas no sighting! Keep well

  3. I hope that Christof Meyer has established his sea leg. Looking forward to hear the stories on Saturday night with Trevor Jamison and Liz. Regards and Hals-und-Beinbruch’,

  4. love n best wishes to my big brother HUGH … hope he had a good trip.. well deserved and hope there are many stories to be told of this adventure over a glass of red or two !!

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