Day 10 – Transit of Venus Sydney to Lord Howe & return

Daniel and Phil on the spritsail

Latitude; 31°09.70’S

Longitude; 157°44.34’E

Distance run in the last 24 hrs; 71NM

Average speed; 2.9KN

Weather; Force 3 SSW winds, slight cloud but blue skies, seas confused but slight temp; 18.2°

The ship is once again thriving and under sail, there is laughter and cheers on deck as Mizzen mast mimic their upperyardsman Eddie on a deck round. We are still enduring a force 4-5 and but the seas are continuing to calm and settle. By 2000 the wind eases to a milder force 3 and the sky is alive with the solar system in its full glory. It is a beautiful night and as the moon hasn’t yet risen and so the solar system is clearly visible and sensational. Captain Ross does a talk, to some of the crew about the star constellations and the most reliable stars to use for traditional navigation.

During the night there appears to have been some mischief involving a certain watch and some poor innocent pumpkins. It is noted that between the hours of four and eight the pumpkins had been somewhat vandalised during supposed safety rounds, although I am sure some of the rapscallion’s from mainmast would say the pumpkins had been improved. The suspicions lay with mainmast because they talk far too much about the pumpkins, I have even overheard Supernumerary Sue discuss with Lucy about firing them out of the cannon.

Tampered pumpkins

The morning brings us yet more deceptive weather, as the sky appears to be relatively calm and clear when all of a sudden we pass through as squall, bringing rain and winds gusting 20 knots. But on the whole the weather is much better and more importantly we are sailing. As the winds have eased the captain decides it is time to shake the reef’s out of the sails and extend them to their full size. All hands are called at 1015 to hand the sails in preparation for going aloft and taking the reefing lines off. The wind has eased so much so that we can set a lighter sail the spritsail and the mizzenmast have the task of going out on to the jib boom and on to the spritsail yard to unfurl. Daniel, Graham, Phil and Mike take up the task and seem to enjoy the experience of hanging out on the bow of the ship with the waves crashing below them. The sails are reset and with the full sails the ship increases her speed by an additional 2 knots, huzzah.

All’s well.

Re-setting the sails

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  1. Heather & Bruce Boucher — Wow what a couragous crew. We have enjoyed reading of yourtravels and have great admiration for you all. Greetings to Colin and Natalie.

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