Transit of Venus update

Just an update on the Transit of Venus stream from Lord Howe Island. The Endeavour team are experiencing bad weather conditions on the island, so up until now we have not been unable to set up the equipment to capture the transit for our stream. The weather is just starting to break,  so we hope to receive some images from the island soon! Keep an eye out on the website.

The Endeavour crew also send a message that all is well on the ship, despite the big swell.

In the meantime, we invite you to share a message with people viewing the 2117 transit to be included in our Transit of Venus time capsule.

Either post your message on our new HMB Endeavour Facebook page or in the comments below this blog post.

One thought on “Transit of Venus update

  1. Dear Australians,
    I think that perhaps the significance of another ship called Endeavour sailing to capture the transit of venus may be lost on many Australians. Although it was the age of exploration perhaps it could be argued that if it wasn’t for the fortutious arrival of the transit that perhaps the discovery of Australia could have been delayed or another French men other than La Perouse could have claimed the country.

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