HMB Endeavour spies the Transit of Venus

Good afternoon all, I will hope to get a complete blog on line later but I just want to let you know that despite mother Natures awful weather we have been enduring the last few hours, the HMB Endeavour spies the Transit of Venus currently in blue skies (not sure how long for). Not quite on Lord Howe but not far away! here is a photograph taken form on board.


4 thoughts on “HMB Endeavour spies the Transit of Venus

  1. Hi Shipmates (this is Margaret from Sydney-Brisbane leg of the circumnavigation) – thanks for a wonderful picture – it’s been wet and wild here near Sydney Harbour, but I’ll hopefull get on a ferry later in the day, just to be at “sea”. Today definitely calls for one of Cook’s chocolate cakes. See you back in port.

  2. I tried to watch some of your webcam while I was at work today. I only caught brief glimpses and I felt grateful to be on solid ground. I hope you are all still enjoying! See you next week Tony.

  3. A couple of very nice pics: lunar eclipse and the all important transit. Thanks a lot. Your live webcam feed was great to follow also. Many thanks. We had a fair bit of cloud in Melbourne but also some breaks enabling good viewing from here too. Felt well connected to Cook, as no doubt you all did.
    Good work furling sails in high winds at night. Wow!! Happy sailing home! (HBAtoMEL, MM8)

  4. Well done! Not much in the media but so great that Endeavour made the effort. let us know if you discover a new continent on the way home.

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