Watch the Transit of Venus online

Watch the Transit of Venus safely from the comfort of your computer when the HMB Endeavour team stream the Transit of Venus from Lord Howe Island, Australia.

Tune in on Wednesday 6 June 2012 between 8.16 am – 2.44 pm (AEST) at

The Transit of Venus is a very rare astronomical event when the planet Venus moves across the sun on 6 June 2012 and not to be seen again until December 2117!

Don’t miss it!

NB. All plans are dependent on weather.

5 thoughts on “Watch the Transit of Venus online

  1. Thanks Endeavour team-doubt we’ll see the sun in Tathra tomorrow. A one hundred year event and the ‘star’ of the show may not appear at my spot in the universe! Do hope it is clear skies and fair winds in Lord Howe tomorrow.

  2. Classes 5L, 4C & 3B at Artarmon Public School are watching you every day in class. Angus, Elizabeth and Isla are hoping their Dad will come to school to tell their classes all about the trip. This morning we made our own pinhole cameras and have taken them to school – not quite as advanced as your equipment!

  3. I went to the Brisbane Museum this morning and a colleague from work was involved in setting up telescopes with other amateur astronomers for people to see. It was great, I saw 1st contact, then second, then had to get to work. I got some great photos through the telescope lenses.
    Unfortunately the live stream isn’t loading for me.. I get the loading circle, then “on Air” for a second (with a black screen), then says “off Air” 🙁
    Warm regards,
    Louise Phelps (repeat voyager)

    • Hi all, we are having issues with the live stream from Lord Howe Island due to extreme weather. We will continue to persist! We have been attempting to hook into other live streams on our website, but are not successfully hooking into a consistent stream as yet. We will update as soon as we can. Thanks for your patience.

  4. Thanks for the webcam viewing of the transit. We have had it on all day and have just watched 4th contact from your viewpoint. We’ve also watched from home between clouds. Had great viewing of 3rd contact from here with filtered binoculars. That’s it till 2117!

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