Day 6 – Transit of Venus Sydney towards Lord Howe and return

Mainmast huddled together to do the quiz

Latitude; 31°36.16

Longitude; 156°53.13

Distance run in the last 24hrs; 74NM

Average speed; 3kn

Weather; Clouds are clearing slightly, Force 2 NNE winds, temperature; 19°

The afternoon is bleak and grey and we are still motoring along… The ship below decks is very warm and stuffy and above the decks the heavens frequently open up for a down pour, so what do you do on a miserable, motoring Sunday afternoon, a quiz. At 1300 Captain Ross hands out to each of the watches a series of questions with a possible correct 21 answers. Some of the questions are pretty cryptic, for example; ‘from ship to sea, what do you see?’ It keeps all watches entertained including the soggy mainmast watch who are up on deck huddled under the Pinnace for shelter whilst discussing their answers, leaving Nick and Lucy on the helm.

The answers are all submitted by afternoon tea and the winning watch will be declared in the morning. At afternoon tea the Mainmast confess that they did attempt to bribe both Lucy and Nick but to no avail, so feeling uneasy that they won’t win the quiz they try their hand at Uno, but to be honest I think they stand more chance with the quiz…. All of the crew have their fingers and toes crossed that tomorrow will bring the prevailing winds so that we can set sail, the forecast looks promising but could still change.

Looming skies at the change of the 0800 watch

By 2200 the wind has increased to a force 8 with wind speeds exceeding over 40 knots. The sea state is increasing but by no means to reflect the strength of the wind, there is however no doubt that the sea swell will keep increasing throughout the night. It is restless night with not much sleep achieved by anybody, there are many bangs in the night but thankfully none of them are the crew. The sea state has increased and when I give in on trying to sleep at 0530 the ship motion is terrible! The sea swell is not only high but the sea is so confused and so we have a number of wave combinations hitting the ship. On deck it is dreary but not raining and the wind has dramatically decreased to a force 3-4, meaning that in a few hours the seas should also subside.

The morning meeting comes with the announcement of the winning watch for the quiz. And the winner is……………. A draw, both Mizzenmast and mainmast have answered a correct 15/21 and Foremast only one point behind with 14/21 and so there is a decider question ‘As the crow flies how far is Lord Howe from Port Jackson?’ the mizzenmast guess at 370NM and mainmast hover on 410NM but lock in their answer at 500NM. The correct answer is 416NM making Mizzen mast the winning watch. Alex the historian gives a second lecture this morning but down below decks where it is nice and dry. Hopefully the next blog will be brought to you under sail.

All’s well

Nick doing his regular rounds on ships safety equipment

One thought on “Day 6 – Transit of Venus Sydney towards Lord Howe and return

  1. Go Mizzenmast Watch!!! Well done on the quiz and hang tight through the weather. Remember the chant: “The Mainmast is tallest and Fore have the anchor, but Mizzen is tops ’cause we’ve got the Spanker”…

    All the best to the professional crew, the voyage crew and especially to Dino, who’s a glutton for punishment and doesn’t even get paid for it.

    Mizzenmast watch Eden-Sydney are following your adventures. Hope you can soon furl the iron stays’l and sail her to the welcome shores of Lord Howe.

    All the very best,

    Matt Lohmeyer & the Mizzenmast crew

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