Day 6 Eden – Sydney

Latitude; 34°16.78’S

Longitude; 151°17.74’E

Distance run in the last 24hrs; 70NM

Average speed; 2.9KN

Weather; Force 1 variable winds, cloudy, rainy, temp 14.6°

The afternoon is spent by many taking advantage of going aloft for photos whilst the weather is idyllic. Just before maintenance Lucy decides to give her watch a lesson in knots, much to her surprise one of her voyage crew asks her how to do a round turn and two half hitches. This is the knot that is taught on the first day so that the crew are able to string their own hammocks, so I am not sure where this crew member has been sleeping each night…

Maintenance continues in the form of making the ship look her full glory for her arrival home, so tarring in the rigging, sanding blocks, oiling blocks and cleaning the channels the voyage crew are also getting stuck in, especially Norm. The weather is stunning with views of Pigeon House Mountain, which was named after Cook due to its resemblance to a Pigeon house.

It is yet another day of slow progress but enjoyed by all, however at sunset the wind drops out and we are becalmed. It is a beautiful sunset with glass conditions on the sea, there are very few that are not on deck taking in this memorable moment. But as always when it gets too quiet and the wind is barely whispering we have to turn to our iron staysails to give us that extra helping hand, due to the 21st century time tables.  The engines start and slowly as light fades the crew not on watch leave the deck. The forecast is favourable this evening that we will get the wind from the SE and building in strength. By 2200 hrs the wind does just that and so Mainmast start to set some sail as we motor sail along and by 2240 hrs the engines are once again shut down and the ship is sailing at a speed of up to 6 knots. We haven’t seen too much marine life this voyage, so it is nice when the Mizzenmast are on deck at 0000 hrs-0400 hrs they are visited by a pod of dolphins torpedoing through the bow waves under the night sky and stars. It is also supernumerary Russell Ayres 50th Birthday at 0000 hrs and so he takes the helm and steers his way into his 50th year! Happy Birthday.

I wish that I could say we are greeted with glorious weather again but it would be a lie, it is much milder and raining on and off and on and off…. However the foremast watch seem to enjoy themselves on their watch from 0400 hrs-0800 hrs and don’t seem that phased by the weather. Mainmast are the next watch on deck and I don’t think we can say the same about them, they seem to be more the fair weather sailors …

There is not so many people on deck today and I am not sure if that is weather related or because of the looming finale of sod’s opera. I think it is the latter these guys certainly want to make it a special one for the last one of the circumnavigation.    

All’s well.

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  1. I would love to hear what my brother, Norm, did re the cleaning of the ship??? I have enjoyed the daily updates & watching the live cam. What a wonderful experience for all. Well done

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