Day 2 Eden – Sydney


Morning sunrise

Latitude; 36°59.24’S

Longitude; 150°01.02’E

Distance run in 4 hour; 15.2NM

Average speed; 4.3KN

Weather; Wind SSW F 2-3, Temp 16.4°, vessel rolling slightly but smoothly

It is an afternoon of intense training for the new crew but they seem to be enjoying it. Mizzenmast had the tricky task of having to go up and over (climbing aloft) when dusk has set in and so some were set with the extra challenge of climbing without full daylight.

All the new crew seemed to have enjoyed the challenge of the day but also seem eager to get out sailing. There are a few crew walking around with bumps on their head as they adjust to the small areas of the ship. The night brings more challenges as the ships rolls slightly bringing with it the creaking of the timber and movement of those that are on anchor watch.

Time to set some sail

The morning brings or a glorious sunrise over Calle-Calle bay before a filling breakfast and then a crew briefing. The Foremast watch is the watch on deck and so they stand by the anchor cable to weigh anchor. Natalie from Mizzenmast takes up some of her watch to unfurl and shake the reef out of the Foretopsail, whilst Dan and Lucy take up Phil, Rick, Josh, Sean, Dan and Graham up to shake the reef out of the Main Topsail. Then it is time for all hands to set some sail. Once the Main Topsail and Fore Topsail have been set the call goes out to the chief engineer to cut the iron staysails. Not only are we homeward Bound but we are sailing there.


As we have ideal light winds we send the brave ones from the fore and mainmast to unfurl the T’Gallants. We have the Mainmast (Conrad, Norm and Dan) up the Foremast and the Foremast (Justine, James and David) up the Mainmast. It is a beautiful day with the sun shining, we have several seals frolicking and following the ship.

All’s well.   

Time to climb


5 thoughts on “Day 2 Eden – Sydney

  1. Pleased to hear Norm is paying for his keep…wish I could have seen them all. Have been watching on the live cam, and feeling very envious. Good luck everyone.

  2. With “Big” Mal Nico on weather watch for you we hope you all have a pleasant voyage up the coast! Looks like a great voyage one not to be missed. The harbour entry with your guns run out and the James Craig in line a stern it will be a most impressive sight! Well done to you all; congratulations. We all look forward to a DVD based on your historic trip.
    Best regards,
    Alison & Craig

  3. I can only imagine the fabulous experience of being on the high seas in such great conditions and with visitors along to check you all out, a real high. A great start and I hope it continues this way for you all the way up the coast.

  4. Tathra could see the T’Gallants and the rolling! Endeavour was picture perfect until the sun set-and still not across Tathra Bay. Picked up the green over red light at top of mainmast, faintly, from Tathra headland, so know you are still under sail. (Hope I remembered the correct arrangement of the lights). Overnight you will sail past the beautiful, unspoilt beaches of the Mimosa Rocks National Park and Bermagui. Maybe a few penguins will greet you around Montague Island sometime tomorrow morning. Have fun.

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