HMB Endeavour grand return to Sydney, Monday 21st May

We will be arriving at the Sydney heads at 0900hrs on the 21st May for our grand return and falling into a parade to proceed to the Australian National Maritime Museum by 1100hrs. Spectator fleet will be marshalling in at Watsons Bay other Tall Ships such as Our Southern Swan and James Craig will be following us. Our Cannons will be deployed as we sail into the heads under the Harbour Bridge and at our arrival at the museum, please come down to celebrate in our safe return after an epic 13 month journey, circumnaivigating Australia

4 thoughts on “HMB Endeavour grand return to Sydney, Monday 21st May

  1. We’ll be with you in spirit as we are at the northern end of the continent.

  2. Having left you in Eden this morning, I am keen to see you in all your glory sail through the heads on Monday morning. I’ll be there. Isla

  3. what a great adventure for all involved. Best wishes for the last leg of your epic journey. Would love to see the ship in full sail going into Sydney Harbour. Is there anywhere on the net where it can be seen? Bon Voyage.

  4. Captain Ross and Crew, HMB Endeavour,
    Will see you off the Heads, oh dark hundred, 21 May 2012,
    Charlie Jensen
    “Priority II”

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