Day 1 Eden – Sydney

Farewell Eden

Latitude; 37°03.7’S

Longitude; 149°54.97’E

Weather; Force 2-3, wind direction S, temp 17°

The first day back for the professional crew starts the day before the voyage crew join. We have all had a fantastic time in Eden and enjoyed the tranquillity before heading back to the big smoke.

It is the last ‘pack down’ day of the museum for us and we will not re-set the museum up now for at least a month on our return back from the Transit of Venus voyage to Endeavours home port of Darling Harbour. So as you can imagine we have to very carefully stow all the artefacts for sea. It is also our last volunteer thank you, after having visited over nineteen ports we have had a massive support and help of over 850 Volunteers on board over the last thirteen months.

So it is homeward bound for Endeavour, a strange mix of emotions for all those on board. A celebration of the achievements over the last thirteen months but also a sense of sadness that the adventure is soon to come to an end, but before it is we have another thirty nine sailors waiting on the wharf at 0900 this morning.

This will be a very special leg and it is nice to see once again so many previous voyage crew to do it all over again! Brian did the first leg of the circumnavigation so it is great to see him come back to complete the last leg.


We slip our lines at 1100 with our Chief Officer Dirk making the call. We are going make our way to Calle-Calle Bay where we will anchor for the night. We anticipate that we will weigh anchor approx. 0900 tomorrow morning where we hope to set some sails (wind dependent). There is a busy full day of training ahead. The anchorage is a rollie one but it gives the crew an insight into how Endeavour likes to roll.

All’s well.

Bringing the fenders in

6 thoughts on “Day 1 Eden – Sydney

  1. My heart skips a beat, you are finally coming home. Ross I can’t put into words how proud of you we are and you’ll never know how deeply you have been missed.
    Congratulations to all of the crew for such a successful voyage, be safe, soak up the magic and enjoy the last leg of your incredible journey. Deb XX

  2. Endeavour- I spotted you on the horizon from my street in Tathra; what a beautiful sight- lots of sails; just postage stamp size but unmistakable. But you are still some distance from our little town. All of Tathra is watching you as you sail along our part of the coast. What a day we have put on for you! What a privilege to have been a voyage crew member! Fair winds.

  3. I have been following the blog with great interest and enjoyment for the whole voyage and finally got to visit your wonderful ship at Eden. We had a great tour and were hugely impressed with the ship herself (and the ropes!), the exhibits – what a lot of work must go into the setting up – and the enthusiasm of all the volunteers and crew. Thanks again, Rowena

  4. A message for Hamish…..

    Fair winds and godspeed I say to ye and write ye a shanty of bilge and blimey!

    Buccaneer Hamish I know ye to be,

    your heave ho and yardarm are not new to me.

    Ye’ve shivered me timbers ’til they sank and blown me down with ye plank .

    Ye pillaged and plundered and I wondered, who is he, who has me heartie?

    Begad! Ye weighed anchor and left me alone!

    Hoistenin’ ye mizzen on the seas of unknown,

    unable to splice the mainbrace, of three sheets or one alone.

    Handsomely Hamish, I say to ye and return ye Jolly Roger post haste to me.

    “Belay!”, “Avast!” I hear ye say, as the Endeavour sails further away.

    I sigh and I wait, impatiently, for Bucaneer Hamish to return to me.

    Whilst ye is searching for Venus in her celestial zone; I am swabbing the decks on me own.

    And guarding the doubloon booty until ye comes home; where ye can commence a plunderin’ all of ye own.

  5. What a brilliant post this previous one was. Perhaps ANMM could use this talent.

    Charlie Jensen

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