Day 7 Melbourne – Eden


Latitude; 37°04.48’S

Longitude; 149°54.422’E

Distance run in total; 460NM

Just after lunch whilst Captain Ross is giving a lecture there is finally a call for the chief engineer, Andrew to come on deck as he has a fish on his line. He rushes up and it his face is surly and serious, he is in stealth mode. He asks for those assisting to “act quick otherwise we will lose the fish.” After the tough battle of bringing the fish up and manoeuvring around to ensure we get it to the waist of the ship, for a moment all is peaceful as everyone tries to catch their breath back and get over the adrenalin hit. I ask Andrew to hold the fish and pose for a photograph so we can finally prove that he has at last caught a fish, to which he replies “it is Barry’s line”…..

At 1300 there is the call for all professional crew to put on the appropriate attire as we cross our last border of our circumnavigation. It is a sad time to look at the professional crew and realise that this is probably the last time I will see them in their bad taste shirts, then I realise that in actual fact I will probably see them wearing them all again in two nights time in Eden’s local tavern. But it is sad to know that it is our last border crossing after having gone through the tradition eight times over the last thirteen months.

Just before the first sitting another tuna appears down below, another catch by Barry the fisherman. Ouch that must hurt Mr engineer.

As we approach Eden we get the Mainmast watch to start to handle the sail and then get assistance from the Mizzenmast once they have finished dinner. After the 2nd sitting of dinner the foremast also go up on deck to assist. We are not anchoring tonight but we are going to pick up a mooring to enable us to do our sod’s opera and then tomorrow we will have only a short run into Eden. The night sky is sensational tonight and I am sure that the guys will always remember that last experience aloft furling under the stars and the huge moon. Apparently the moon is closest to the earth tonight and so much so that once aloft it almost feels like you can reach out and touch it.

It takes time for us to get settled safely on the mooring and whilst I am busy working away in the dry store I hear the Foremast rehearse their performance for the 1st and last time. I have to admit that sometimes the last minute thrown together pieces really work! The Foremast performs their own rendition of ‘House of the rising sun,’ which is surprisingly good for only one rehearsal.     

In the morning it is the usual routine but we don’t leave the mooring until 0900 and then we slowly make our way in. The wharf is a little bit of a tricky one to come on to, but we are fortunate that we have the right conditions. The cannon fire is epic as echo’s right across the land and a fantastic way to end the voyage. We have had a fantastic week of sailing and I know that the crew will be walking away with a wealth of adventure and experience.

All’s well

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  1. We watched you sashay across Twofold Bay Endeavour-as beautiful as ever, even without a billowing of canvas. Huzzah!

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