Eden Arrival 6th May

HMB Endeavour will be arriving into Eden and picking up a mooring approx 2000 this evening. She will be coming alongside tomorrow at 1100 but will not be open to the public until the 9th May – 13th May 1000 – 1600 (last ticket and entry) and closing at 1700.

School children will have priority on schoold days between the hours of 1000-1300.

9 thoughts on “Eden Arrival 6th May

  1. Hi David (David Turner, volunteer crew member)
    We have been thinking of you and are pleased to know that you will arrive at Eden this evening. We are sure that the trip was an amazing adventure full of wonderful sights, new sailing skills and knowledge and a lifetime of stories for your family and friends. We admire your courage, enterprise and willingness to explore the unknown to learn more, test yourself and to experience the fullness of life. Welcome to port, we look forward to welcoming you home. With love Sam and Jen Ginsberg

  2. Hi Ashlee, Lunchat grandma & pa’s today saw all the family watching the live web cam, (after Tiff initially said – so why isn’t Ash here?!) with Lauren saying she felt sick watching it go up and down! Tonight will see the biggest full moon – it is closest to the earth in it’s orbit. Especially if you are up at midnight, hope it is cloudless and you get to see it. Savour the last moments of your adventure. Lots of love, Mum xxx

  3. Hi mate (David Turner)
    Looking forward to having you back on land. Hope you had a great time. See you at the game this week, looking forward to some pie’s and coke. GO THE PIES. Love Dad.

    for HMB Endeavour shipmate Ashlee Hughes
    Situation Report
    LAT 37 45 S
    LONG 145 14 E
    Distance run in last 24hrs – NIL
    Average Speed – NIL
    Direction – “best view” NNW
    Weather – wet & windy, windforce 4-5 W Temp 9 – 14 C
    Yarra Waters – Choppy, Turbulent, muddy patina
    Significant Sitings – Kookaburra family of 5, 2 X Koala, an Echidna and a young male Platypus. That flock of Cockatoos from North Warrandyte crossed the great water again in search of easy prey.
    The ships company visited Commodore Ray and Rear Admirals George & Elaine today! Those pesky Pirates (Devilish Dan & Terrible Tom) are still eating the ship bare at any opportunity.
    Good Sailing,

  5. [To David Turner]
    Dear Daddy,
    I hope you like the pictures I have made for you, when you get back home. And I hope you see lots of eagles on the way home.

    Great to hear that you’re close to Eden now! We really look forward to seeing you soon! It’ll be fantastic to hear all your stories of life aboard the Endeavour and to see your photos!
    Love from Kristina, Emilie and Jacoby

  6. Hi Charlie,
    What extraordinary time the Endeavour have made! The ship sure looked like it skated along today at a very great rate of knots.
    Hope you are well and looking forward to many, many stories of life on this magnificent craft.
    I read above there will be a full moon tonight, magic!
    Lynne xxx

  7. Hi Kev (Johnson),
    Wow what an adventure! I see it was hairy coming out of Melbourne. I hope you’ve got a comfy hammock. Watch out for any Hawaiians lurking in dark corners! See you later in the year after another extreme sports event.
    Best wishes, Helen and Mick Redmond xxx
    Ps. Looks like Rovers may go down.

  8. Hi GUys,
    Love your work! I hope you will post it on that ships log site in the UK, that has published all the logs of ships going back hundreds of years.
    Just wondering when you will be going past

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