Point Hicks

Just a quick blog to let you know that currently as we have the suitable prevailing winds we are going to try and sail past Point Hicks. We estimate that with the current conditions we expected to sail past at 0700 on the 6th May. We can’t guarantee this time or that we will even be close enough to be seen from land but hopefully if the conditions remain you will see us sail by in the morning.



4 thoughts on “Point Hicks

  1. Hello Endeavour crew / Blog administrator,
    I would like to thank you on behalf of everyone visiting this site and reading the blog posts. Not only have you given us an impression of where you are and how things are going on board, you’ve also enabled us to communicate with our family or friends on board. It was particularly reassuring after Thursday to have posts about better weather and some of the interesting things that you’ve seen. Thanks again!

  2. I waved like mad but you didn’t see me !!!!;) I know you are out there somewhere. Wish I could see off Hicks in the morning.

  3. Hi Brad!
    Has been great to keep up with blogs. What an adventure you’ve had! Bub and I can’t wait to see you tomorrow!
    Love Megan

  4. Saw you pass Point Hicks,it was a pity that the weather was rough, the next day and since then we have had smooth seas and beautiful days. Hope I can leave here for 1 day to travel up to Eden to see the Endeavour and the crew. Love the photo you took from the ship looking towards Point Hicks. Suzanne Davies and Paul Harper – Managers Point Hicks Lightstation.

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