Day 5 Melbourne – Eden

Skull rock

Latitude; 38°51.14’S

Longitude; 148°16.94’E

Distance run in the last 24hrs; 125NM

Average speed; 5.2KN

Weather; Cloudy but dry for now, rain threatening the horizon, Temp; 16.3°, moderate seas, wind force 4-5 W xN

The fore topsail is re-set by the foremast after their lunch and they give assistance with the mainmast to re-set the main topsail. As we have suitable winds and conditions we decide to take a little detour to Cleft Island, or otherwise known as ‘Skull Island’. Now you might be asking why is this Island referred to as skull Island and yes it is for the simple explanation that in certain light the Island resembles a human skull. The Island is a single piece of granite that measures 30 meters high and the Island is half a kilometre long. I have heard much about this Island and so look forward to our encounter. To reach the Island we have to enter a traffic separation scheme, there are not too many of these in Australia but it is crucial to keep a vigilant look out as we are sure to encounter much larger commercial vessels in this area. There are certain rules that apply and the helmsmen also have to keep on a straight course to ensure that all other vessels in the region are aware of our intentions.

There is an Island that separates the scheme called ‘Rodondo’ which a scenic view within its own right, a very steep, green, luscious, small Island.  As we approach Skull rock we are doing over 5 knots and we quickly call all hands on deck to wear the ship as start to get a little too close. As we start to wear ship, the sky around us is epic with patches of blue sky, sun bursting through thick clouds and patches of heavy rain clouds, but before long a beautiful rainbow emerges over Rodondo Island a spectacular view in the Southern most point of mainland Australia. Wilsons Promontory looks like a superb place to explore both by land and sea, unfortunately we don’t have the time scale to survey the area anymore and once we have worn ship it is back out to sea.

Liz joining the scenic view

As we are heading away and back to sea there are the blow of whales which raises some questions to what whales they may be. We know from the blow that it is not the Southern Right Whale and we have our suspicions that it is still too early on for Humpback whales, which leaves us with; Blue Whales, Minkie whales or Killer whales. There are also seals and a couple of Fairy penguins spotted.

 We are sailing South because tomorrow we will be approaching an area where there is many oil and gas rigs which we need to avoid, further south of that there is the traffic separation scheme and further south of that we have the continental shelf, where the water reaches depths of +2000 meters and a big area for fishing. We want to make sure that we are out of the way of any large commercial vessels and so we will keep our distance and keep to the south.

 After dinner Mizzenmast wear ship to get us sailing on the best course, but unfortunately the rain seems to follow the Mizzenmast around as they endure yet another wet watch. We are making good progress and sometimes easily sailing along at 6 knots but best of all is that the sailing is fantastic and we are experiencing prevailing winds.

The morning brings us with a slight overcast sky but once again prevailing winds. As we reach the continental shelf the keen fishermen on board are anxious to get their lines over. We have Andrew our Chief Engineer and Barry from the Mainmast stepping up to the challenge. There comes a call at morning tea for the chief engineer to come on to the quarter deck as he has a fish on his line, but unfortunately it gets away before it is seen or brought on deck… A real shame as Andrew has made big promises about his fishing skills and we haven’t seen anything yet. I think that Barry might put him to shame today.

All’s well.

10 thoughts on “Day 5 Melbourne – Eden

  1. Hi Charlie,

    Amazed at the progress of the ship from yesterday! Looked sunny on the webcam to begin with today, seemed to become chiily and dull overhead.
    Hope you are loving the experience and are maging some good sleep. Keep safe and I’l be watching again on Sunday.
    Don’t forget your ‘homework’! Lynne xxxxx

  2. Christopher
    Ben. tom, and I watched the web cam at noon today,weather didn’t look too bad, reading day 5 blog sounds as if you have seen some great sights, we all hope you are enjoying the trip, and have taken lots of photos, we will be watching again tomorrow (sunday) , take care, love always

  3. Hi Tom,
    You guys are really flying along now, on the map it looks like the ship is going to fall off the edge of the continental shelf- whoops! you must be near where the coastline was in the last ice age… Spent the morning in the bush and found tadpoles in a creek, will watch web cam Sunday, love Jenny, Jonah and Sophie xxx

  4. Hello Daddy / Matthew,

    We watched your boat again today. It sounds like you’re having a very challenging and also spectacular time! We were reading about rainbows this morning, and you got to see one.

    Tahlia says: “Daddy, Daddy, Daddy. I love you. (Dancing with almonds in her hand)… Did you have a turn of the steering wheel? Do you like to sleep in a hammock? I love giving you cuddles. I pray to God that you don’t fall into the ocean.”

    Acacia says: (Sitting in front of the fire)… “Daddy. I love you. I miss you so much. I miss your singing and your playing. I pray that God helps Daddy to come back safely. I miss you and I miss your cuddles.”

    Melody prayed for you again this morning, but must have been in a hurry, as she prayed “God help Daddy fall a oven”. Ooops.

    God bless you and keep you safe,

    Love xo Wifey.

  5. Dearest Jeremy,

    We hope you haven’t been chucking over the side of the ship… You must be getting excellent ammunition for your book writing! Not that you need any more zany or crazy ideas in your crazy, zany head…

    Tahlia wants God to bless you and bring you back safely, healthy and strong. She also wants you to enjoy your time.

    Acacia says: “I want you and my Dad to be very safe on the sailing ship.”

    Love you, brother!
    xo Katie

  6. Hi Gary,
    Hope you are not too cold and wet and have plenty of motion sickness tablets with you, it sounds as if you’ll need them. A fabulous experience and one you won’t forget and will be able to relate to Elly when you are in your rocking chair.
    Mum & Dad

  7. Sounds like a wonderful day of marine life and sailing among extraordinary islands – and you’ve made great progress in the last 24 hours. I think your whales probably were humpbacks… they are heading north from Antarctica towards their Queensland mating grounds. This is from the Warnambool whale watching site: ‘The two main species of baleen whales that migrate from Antarctica to Australian waters each winter are the Humpback and Southern Right whales, the Humpbacks are the faster swimmers and they usually arrive off the south west coast of Victoria in late April to early May. They are on their way to Queensland so won’t be stopping off on the way. Most of the whale sightings along the coast during this time will be Humpbacks and will typically be about 1 or 2 kilometers off shore.’

    Lots of love,
    Angela xx

  8. [For David Turner]
    Dear Daddy,
    I hope you have a wonderful day on the boat. I hope you see lots and lots of rainbows, Come home safely!

    Hello David,
    Great to hear the weather is better and there has been such scenic views. The island picture looks dramatic! Hearing the whales must be an amazing experience. I look forward to seeing picture of your journey! All is well at home. The kids are well and Emilie has put an X on the calender each morning of your trip! Wishing you well for the rest of your journey!
    With love from
    Kristina, Emilie and Jacoby

  9. Hi Gaz,

    Are you in Mizzen mast?

    Megsy had a fantastic first game of soccer, the team got thrashed but not because of a lack of enthusiasm! We will need to explain some of the rules a little more in the coming weeks. Jessie was the “orange girl” which was very well received all round.
    Kara slept well last night considering she still has a bit of a cold, and is just adorable.

    I can’t believe how quickly this week has gone by, and I guess it seemed even shorter to you! Well, maybe not that first day when you were finding your sea legs, lol. Today we will have a lovely day at home, check the cattle and do some craft – just for Jess 😉

    Love you,

  10. Hi Lauren and Kerry
    By now you both should be old hands at this and have got your sea legs. I’m glad you were able to get back on course after Kerry had the helm. see you both Monday

    Mum, Dad, Aunty Judith, Uncle David

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