Day 4 Melbourne – Eden

Caroline taking shots of her fellow watch mates

Latitude; 39°24.35’S

Longitude; 146°03.26’E

Distance run in the last 24hrs; 66NM

Average speed; 2.75KN

Weather; SSW winds force ¾, Fairly cloudy, temp 14.2°, seas slight to moderate

With the winds having eased off, the sea starts to slowly abate and the ship gradually comes to life as sprawled motionless bodies start to emerge and create human form. Although the ship is still quiet there are faces appearing that I haven’t seen from day one, although I recognise the backs of many of the crew’s heads.

The weather is still drizzly with fronts bringing in rain which is pretty miserable for the watch on deck, but on a brighter side there is an epic feeding frenzy happening whilst Mizzen mast are on watch which have gannets, seagulls, Mutton birds, seals and dolphins all chasing some culinary delight. The dolphins decide to follow the ship for the rest of Mizzen masts watch playing in the bow waves.

Dinner brings a few more people down to the 20th century and many haven’t even eaten for a while and although hungry are very cautious about how much and what they eat. The night unfortunately continues to bring rain periodically and it is a cold night making watches slightly challenging especially with some still on the road to recovery and still feeling a little weak and tired. It is great to see the watches looking out for one another and stepping up to help those who are still suffering.

Shaking out the reefs

What a difference a day makes, so goes the saying. The sun has made an appearance this morning, we are sailing, the seas have now softened into an easy motion and it is warmer. There are more faces, more smiling and almost everyone making it to breakfast. There is a good buzz on board this morning as we start to maintain the normal ships routine and the crew embrace the challenges ahead today, which doesn’t just involve trying to make it around the ship. The comments off the blog are posted and it boosts morale 10 folds to have that small connection from friends and family.

The few that are still feeling slightly crook are on deck and enjoying the sunshine. At 1100 all hands are called on deck to strike the topsails in preparation to shake out our reefs, which were put in on the second day due to the forecast of the stronger winds we endured. Foremast goes up to the foremast and mainmast goes up to the mainmast and Mizzenmast who are currently on watch head out on to the bow sprit to lose the sprit sail. Once down the crew mates relate their stories and feeling of achievement from their climb, there is not too much time for talking though as the sails need to be re-set.    

 It is still quiet below decks this morning, but for all the right reasons as the crew are on deck enjoying the view, the sunshine but most of all the sailing. Huzzah!

All’s well

a lot of lines

16 thoughts on “Day 4 Melbourne – Eden

  1. Hi daddy/Charlie, we hope you are feeling well and enjoying some sunshine today. Have you climbed up very high yet? We are looking forward to watching you sail into Eden.

    Lots of love, us.

    [Will in background: Daddy. Dadda! DADDA!!]

  2. Hi Ashlee – We were thinking of you when the rain and wind came. We hope you aren’t feeling too ill and green! Glad to hear the sun even came out for a bit and weather has settled down. Happy sailing! Allison moving in tomorrow. Lots of love, Mum xxx

  3. The Mcewen family are all wondering how dad and grampa is enjoying the trip, and are thinking of him, lots of love from us all

  4. Hello again Daddy, [dictated by Emilie]
    I hope you are having a nice day on the boat. I have been getting my friend Alex a present for her Macca’s party birthday. I went swimming today. I did one knee up and one knee down near the side of the pool. It’s trying to learn you to dive. I hope you stay nice and safe.
    emilie (Emilie insisted on typing her name)

    Dear David,
    Great to hear the blog responses are getting passed on! Emilie has asked to send you a message every day. We are keenly watching your journey via the blog and webcam. It’s hard to make out people’s faces on the webcam though because there seems to be quite a bit of condensation on it – not surprising though, given you’re in the middle of Bass Strait and it’s been raining! It might help if someone gives it a little wipe before filming starts. Also, the images are fairly pixalated. The camera though is great because you get at least an impression of how the weather is going. The sun actually looked like it shone a bit at lunchtime today. Anyway, Emilie and Jacoby are going well. Both miss you! J has been waking up in the night, shouting out “Dada”!
    With love from Kristina, Emilie and Jacoby

  5. Dear David,
    Been following your blog everyday and it makes us feel as though we are there with you! Will check out webcam Sunday, hope to see you in action then….hope your having a great time, keep safe.
    Mamma xxx

  6. Dear Charlie, My Yr 10’s are loving the webcam (and so am I). They gasped at Thursday’s vision (so challenging and busy) brought up on the class Smartboard. Today looked a whole lot calmer, even some sun! It is great to feel part of your journey 12-1 daily! Lynne xxx

  7. Hi everyone,
    Just watching the webcam made me feel sick yesterday- Jonah and Sophie send their love to Tom, we hope you are feeling well and were able to sail in comfort today, watching the progress of the ship and amazed at the distance you are covering… Enjoy! Love Jenny Beer

  8. Hi Pete,

    Hope it’s all going really well and that you are having a fantastic experience – it’s obviously been pretty challenging so far but you said you didn’t want it to be too calm and it would appear your wish has been granted.

    Thinking of you out there with the waves and dolphins and sea birds…
    All my love,

  9. Hello Matthew,

    Watching the web cam today, it looked like MUCH nicer sailing than yesterday! I felt sick just watching your ship go up and down on the rough, grey seas at noon Thursday. We hope you haven’t been too crook…

    Tahlia continues to pray faithfully that you won’t fall into the ocean. Melody copies her prayer “Pray dat Daddy not fall a oshen” (and then goes all squirmy & shy), and Acacia was glued to the web cam for the entire hour over lunch today. ‘Cayshie looked as though her heart would splinter into a thousand bits when she told me yesterday how sad she was that you were gone. We have a big sign up counting down the days till you return, which keeps up the morale on this ship! Only Charity doesn’t have a care in the world, and is rather too much enjoying her high pitched singing. Maybe you could have smuggled her on board? Entertain the ship mates…

    Hope the fine weather continues, and you can drink in the rare tranquility of no screaming babies at night. Happy sailing!

    Love, Wifey.

  10. Dear Daddy (Gary),
    We hope you are having a good time.
    Megs – My first game of soccer is today, I wish you could be there but Mum is going to take lots of photos and you can come next week.
    Jess – Daddy, I am having a plait in my hair today and I can’t wait til you come home.
    Kara – Mmmm, mmm, mmm, mmm.

    Hey Gaza, glad you are getting a bit of nice weather as well as the rough weather experience you wanted 🙂 Girls are well and on count down to see you on Tuesday. Love you so much,

  11. Good to hear that the weather is better and the sea smothing out. Has Baz caught any fish yet? – Philip

  12. Hello boys from sunny Gold Coast. We have read that the seas have been a little rough. We hope you are both okay, but enjoying yourselves. Rob and I are good. Xx

  13. Hi Matt – glad to see the weather has improved and the sailing is smoother. I wish there were more photos on the blog. Hope you’re having a grand time. love Budge (in Canada)

  14. Howdy Steve (AKA Dave)

    We saw a cool photo of you hoisting…looks like hard work 😉
    The webcam just came online, and a bit of a swell…hope your stomach is up to it.
    Thinking of you.


  15. gday crew and captain, can see what looks to be a survey vessel? off marlo now heading your way…It is very far out, hope you guys are coming in closer than that – can only just see it through the binos! Watching your progress, hoping I don’t miss you! Lisa

  16. Hey Ashlee – We put your land ship into dry dock today (ie your car is in to be fixed 🙂 ) Dad is still painting the heads and the galley back here on HMS Kookaburra Corner. Shipmate Allison has come aboard HMS Hope and has installed her hammock and adjusted the galley to your liking. Rear Admirals Grandma and Pa are also following the blog as are the 2 pirates who live below deck in this ship. All’s Well! xxx

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