Day 1 Melbourne – Eden

This morning before our crew arrived

Latitude; 37°48.9’S

Longitude; 144°56.3’E

No distance run

The ships log runs on the traditional periodic basis of noon until noon, which means that I will start with the accounts of yesterday. It is a day in which all professional crew our rostered on, starting bright and early at 0700 and we call it the ‘prepping for sea day’ and involves a lot of work. We start by packing down the museum and making sure that all the artefacts our safely stowed away whilst we are at sea. The ship then undergoes a thorough clean, to make sure she is ready for our new crew, usually whilst this is happening our catering officer Nigel and galley hand Fiona are baking and preparing cakes and tasty treats for our ‘Volunteer thank you’; A get together for all the volunteers that have kindly dedicated their time to us whilst in port for either ship guiding or night ship keeping.

After lunch we take on our victuals and cleaning supplies to last us the voyage, which is a huge amount of food! It lets the crew burn off the calories before they have even eaten it. It is then all taken down below, sorted into sections; frozen, refrigerator and dry stores and stowed appropriately for sea and so that it is accessible to the catering team. Meanwhile the bosun is busy preparing the deck for sea and re-rigging the tiller rope back into a working helm. The chief officer is allocating all the crew to their watches and working on roster’s. The chief engineer is checking the holding tanks, water tanks and ensuring that the engineering side of things are all in order. The second officer is going through routine safety checks of equipment. The third officer is checking all the charts and finally the captain is juggling an array of tasks such as arranging with the ports our departure, looking at the passage planning and all other preparations.  

Learning that some places on the ship are a tight squeeze

On this occasion we finish up our working day with a couple of training procedures. Firstly we look and make sure everyone knows how to rig the emergency helming tackle and how to helm with the equipment in such eventuality. Secondly we ensure that everyone knows how to start up the fire pump. It is then time for the crew to get an early night for another big day tomorrow, joining day and ensure that we are all bright eyed and pushy tailed to meet our new fellow crew.

The morning arrives with fair weather and although we have very much enjoyed our time in Melbourne we are very keen to get back to the deep blue and sail. Our new crew arrive at 0900 and Holly, our voyage manager and I check the new crew in and introduce them to their topman and upperyardsman. It is straight into ships tours and training and today we have a bit of time alongside before we depart due to having to pass under Bolte Bridge at low tide (1500).

All’s well.


3 thoughts on “Day 1 Melbourne – Eden

  1. Dear old Endeavor finally coming home for a short stay. James Craig and I (and a few others) will be waiting at Sydney heads to welcome you all home properly. Stay safe.
    Michael White (Mizzen #11, Townsville – Cairns)

  2. We will be keenly following every blog of this new leg to Eden. What an amazing sight the Endeavour must have been, passing under the Bolte bridge! We wish all aboard a very safe and great journey!
    Warm wishes from Kristina, Emilie and Jacoby

  3. Charlie! Did you scrape your hair off squeezing under a low beam mate?!
    Have a great time, looks like a ball. Very jealous
    Stu R

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