Day 12 Hobart – Melbourne

Foremasts capsule

Once we are safely anchored it is time for the famous egg drop. The crew have had 11 days preparation for their designs and concepts but apparently an additional 10 minutes will make all the difference. When it comes to the unveiling of these capsules you can see a lot of 10 minutes have gone into them… The rules are very basic; each watch is issued with two un-tampered eggs, they have to make a capsule that will hold and protect the egg whilst it is dropped from the main course yard (9.2m), the capsule must be fully biodegradable and half of the egg must be exposed. First up is foremast with their ‘Foremast flyer’. They have a good concept although the final product is a bit ugly with the egg having a sad face which to me indicates there is a sense of doubting. Next up is mainmast, now if I thought that Foremasts design was ugly this is a whole new level, I can only describe it as looking like something is about to be baked in the oven but once the design is talked through ingenuity is actually very clever. Finally we have the Mizzenmasts design, a design that actually looks pretty good, however the practicality of actually saving the egg is a pretty much guaranteed fail. Foremast are first to go and throw their egg, it lands with quite a bounce and is not so close to the target, but their egg is looking good with just a minor crack and yolk dribbling out. Next up is mainmast, it lands with such a thud the professional crew are worrying it has left a dent in the deck, accuracy is very close and the egg is in pristine condition. It is looking like mainmast might be in the lead. Next up is Mizzenmast now their design is so extravagant that it can’t be carried up and has to be winched up. It comes down at a painful angle and the egg decides to eject before being smashed into the mops and unfortunately he has a messy end… But good points for accuracy.

So captain Ross has the final say and he calls Mainmast as the winners, I think it would have been criminal if hadn’t. Soon it is time for everyone to be seated for the mess deck dinner and it is nice to be at anchor for this one. Nigel serves up a stunning feast for all. Then it is on to the sod’s opera where there is plenty of singing for all of the watches and some very funny jokes from Eberhard and Terry.

In the morning we start to weigh anchor at 0800 once the pilot is on board, we have approx. another 35nm run to get to our berth in Melbourne and so will be alongside for 1600. For the professional crew we start to try and get the ship as prepared for the museum as possible. The bosun, bosun’s mate, Chief mate and second mate have been exceptionally busy as they have had to lower the two masts down to enable that we have enough clearance to fit under the bridge. When we are approaching the bridge myself, Amy and Drew head out in the rescue boat with a laser measurer for Amy to measure the clearance of the bridge. With the t’gallant masts lowered the mainmast measures in at 24.5m and the distance of the bridge from the water line is 29.2 so it is quite close and certainly looks it as she starts to proceed under the bridge.

Mainmasts capsule

The ship is going alongside a pontoon and so it is interesting as Captain Ross squeezes her in, we have some help from a boat that nudges onto the bow and onto the stern. At one point the stern started to swing out and so it was quick work for our rescue boat and the aided boat to put full revs on and push the stern back in. The ship is securely alongside shortly after and ti is time to say goodbye to our crew mates of the last 12 days.

All’s well.

Mizzenmast capsule

tight squeeze coming under the bridge

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  1. Well done Endeavour! We had a great day coming out to meet you and good sailing back up the river together.

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