Day 11 Hobart – Melbourne

Latitude; 38°21.3’S

Longitude; 144°49.2’E

Distance run in the last 24hrs; 72NM

Average speed; 3KN

Weather; Wind NE force 2, slight seas, no clouds and beautiful sunshine, temp; 23°

We continue sailing into the afternoon for as long as we can but we know that we have just about come as far as we can by sail and now the 21st century schedule dictates that it is time to hand the sails and start the iron staysails. At 1600 all hands are called on deck to assist, it is the opportunity for one more last climb and the last time to furl the sails. It couldn’t be more of a serene backdrop for the occasion; the sun is setting and letting off a brilliant orange glow, highlighting most of the sky.

It is a straightforward night of motoring, every now and then the engine revs are decreased as we have to go through the heads at 0800 on the slack water to get safely through the notorious rips that run through Port Philip.

The morning brings us a momentous day, it 365 days since we departed Sydney and for nine of sixteen of the professional crew it is a year of sailing. I hope I can speak for all of us in saying that given the opportunity we would easily carry on sailing another 365 days on board Endeavour. We have had highs and we have lows but I know that the worst low is yet to come when we finally sail into Sydney after such an epic adventure. However we still have another couple of voyages and we are very much looking forward to it.   

The morning brings excitement as the sun comes up and introduces a glorious day for us to come through the heads and be surrounded by civilisation once more. We have a pilot board just outside of the heads at 0740 who will talk us through our steerage into the bay. Today we will anchor and this afternoon we will have the almighty, legendary egg drop, the great cabin afternoon tea, the mess deck dinner finished up with the sod’s opera performances.

All’s well.