Day 10 Hobart – Melbourne

Whale watching

Latitude; 39°02.5’S

Longitude; 144°19.4’E

Distance run in the last 24 hrs; 62NM

Average speed; 2.5KN

Weather; N winds force 4, mostly blue skies, slight seas and moderate breeze

After our successful, tack the land slowly disappears as we try and sail south west on a WNW wind to get us to far enough west where we will then put in another tack, or wear ship to then sail to the North East to Port Philips heads for Sunday at 0800. It is a beautiful day with much warmer weather so much so bare feet are beginning to appear on the deck as are short sleaved t-shirts.

Captain Ross gives another lecture in 18th century navigation while the professional crew get to maintenance. The wind slowly drops of and we are very much becalmed, but with this weather it is hard not to enjoy the moment of silence, sun shine and nothing but the view sea and the outline of distant land.

There are occasional water spouts being blown from whales in the distance, unfortunately they don’t pass by close and so we can’t get a good look. We can only assume that they are coming from blue whales as it is their migration season.

Chris up aloft with Lucy taking some video

This morning brings us Eberhard’s 71st Birthday, he told me that last year he spent his 70th Birthday at the base camp of Everest and what more apt way to go from summit to sea this year. Next year he is planning to do Machu Pichu.

There are no lectures today and so the crew have time to put together their sods performance or relax with a book on deck. Lucy takes some of her watch up the mainmast to the t’gallant so that they can get some photographs from the top.

All’s well


5 thoughts on “Day 10 Hobart – Melbourne

  1. Can you tell me the rough time that the ship is comming in the heads? I like to see it come in

  2. Fabulous to see the ship in the bay. Congratulations to everyone on board & look forward to seeing the ship in Docklands tomorrow.

  3. April 15th 2012 Congratulation to all crews! One year since HMB Endeavour set off on the circumnavigation of Australia. You have all done extremely well. I saw Captain Ross’s daughter at the Kurnell Festival LAST year and here it is nearly time for the next one; you are still doing great and nearly home. HUZZAH to all!
    Mal Nico

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