Day 7 Hobart – Melbourne

Main mast watch unfurling the topsail

Latitude; 40°34.5’S

Longitude; 145°33.8’E

Distance run in the last 24hrs; 115KN

Average speed; 4.7knots

Weather; SW by W winds force 4, clear skies with slight cloud on the horizon, seas slight-moderate

The ship is still proceeding through Banks strait and the wind is starting to ease and the sun is still shining. Because of the forecast we are going to make the most of the slight seas and progress further west with the engines, this will give us the opportunity to sail across the Bass Strait with the current wind forecast. This afternoon is a peaceful one with Captain Ross giving a lecture to the voyage crew and the professional crew carrying out maintenance on the rigging, tarring down the stays to protect them from UV waves and other natural elements.

There is not much action during the night watches as we have the iron staysails ticking over. The foremasts have some surprise visitors at 0330 with a big pod of small dolphins playing off the bow and starboard side.

We wake up to a beautiful morning which seems a little milder than the last couple of days, however mainmast watch who have now been on deck for a couple of hours may beg to differ. It is a good sign that there is several of the mainmast crew making their way up a loft, an indication that sails will soon be set.


Foremast unreefing the sail


The word of the morning is ‘lotsails,’ we are going to get as much sail set as possible now that we are far enough west to shut down the engines and start to make our progression into Bass Strait under sail.

All watches are called on deck to either assist going aloft and undoing the reefs and unfurling or out on to the spritsail to unfurl.  It is a beautiful day for a climb and it is good to see so many of the crew volunteering to go aloft, so much so there is too many. Everyone works together to get the Fore course, Fore top’sail and Main top’sail Main Course Main top mast stay’sail Sprit’sail and it is not long before peace is restored and the iron staysails are once again shut down.

All’s well.

Finn out on the bow sprit bending on the Fore topmast staysail

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