Day 1 Hobart – Melbourne

Drew firing the cannon as he leaves his home port

Latitude; 42°56.4’S

Longitude; 147°22.7’E

Distance run in 1 hour; 6.94NM

Weather; blue skies partly cloudy, very light winds SE-E, temperature 23.5°

The Endeavour professional crew set to work this morning to carefully pack down and stow the museum artefacts which we are carry on board whilst sailing. A lot of preparation goes into setting up and packing down the museum, it takes the majority of the professional crew a full day to do so. We also had a busy task of putting the *pinnace back on board after we decided that she should scout the Forays of the Derwent during our stay.

The call for all hands come just after 1400 as it is time for us to load our food stores which are to last us 12 days, for fifty five crew, with three meals a day, serving a total of 1980 meals over the course of this voyage. Also there are both morning tea and afternoon tea where the galley team will serve freshly baked biscuits or cakes so hopefully that gives you a good idea of the level of stores being carried.

The morning brings us clear skies and the impression that today will be a clear sunny day, with ideal conditions for our new crew to get to grips with the lines and learn the routine, of the good ship Endeavour. By 9.30 the crew are stepping forward to sign in and learn which watch they have been delegated to. They are all keen as everyone is right on time to join. It is not long before the gangway is being taken ashore, the pilot boarded, the engines started and the lines being slipped.

Bosun Drew stands by the starboard cannon to fire the shot to salute his home town of Hobart. It is an epic boom as the cannon echoes through the bay and the spectators cheer to say our final farewell to a sensational place. Even as we leave after two weeks in Hobart, it is still just such a breath taking dramatic landscape that still has that impact as when you first set eyes on it. Mount Wellington is especially striking today as the sun shines on it and the shadows of the clouds casting various shapes, giving the mountain more depth.

Third mate Ed getting to know new crew,Michael and Sarah

On behalf of all the crew on board Endeavour and the Australian National Maritime Museum we would like to say a heartfelt thank you to all those involved with our stay in Hobart and all those that visited us. A special mention of thank you, to Hobart ports, the volunteer guides and ship keepers and also to Dave and his team of Caulkers.

  • The Pinnace was the formal boat used on board Endeavour for the Officers and supernumeraries to explore and go ashore. Unlike the long boat it wasn’t deemed as a work boat.   

All’s well.

The crew are straight to work

2 thoughts on “Day 1 Hobart – Melbourne

  1. It was an exciting and proud moment to see the keen and expectant voyage crew head off on their adventure, under the capable guidance of the Endeavour professional crew, as they departed the Hobart dock… waved goodbye by loved ones, friends and on-lookers: the canon salute was a fitting farewell.
    See you in Melbourne!

  2. great to see photos on net hi to dad (EB) have a great voyage and may the winds keep your sails full good luck

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