Day 3 Portland – Hobart

Working out the sea state on the hourly rounds

Latitude; 39°32.1’S

Longitude; 142°26.0’E

Distance run in the last 24 hrs; 91NM

Average speed; 3.7KN

Weather; Cloudy Overcast skies, seas moderate swell Force 4, temp 19°

The Foremast has the task of setting the spritsail so Craig, Steph, Steph & Mark head out on to the spritsail yard and start to unfurl. It is a beautiful warm sunny afternoon and as we sail past Deen Maar Island (or more commonly known as Lady Julia Percy Island) we have some of the local inhabitants swim by, Australian fur seals, who casually frolics around in the water. The Island is Australia’s only offshore volcanic Island and also an important spiritual place for the Aboriginal people, as they believed the spirits of the dead were conveyed across the sea from a cave called ‘Tarnwirring’ (“the following of the wind”).

The afternoon is fairly relaxed as we sail full and by, Fiona brings up some potatoes for the crew to help peel for tonight’s dinner. The bow look out are asked to keep a vigilant look out as we come across a random scattering of crayfish pots.

It is relatively plain sailing this afternoon, that is until Main mast come up for their 2000 to 0000 watch. When they first arrive on deck they are asked to hand the Main topmast staysail and then set the Mizzen Staysail. Then at 2300 the wind starts to back from the East to the North East by East so it is all hands to the brace the yards around. Then at 0000 there is a major wind shift just as the Mizzen mast are coming on watch so they are require to brace back around again, they then hand the Main course. There is rain and thunderstorms and not a star to be seen due to the cloud coverage, making it all the more harder to work in these conditions. Eventually the wind decides to settle back to the North East so that Mizzen Mast can settle into a normal watch procedure for the last hour of their watch and have a moment to catch their breaths.

Nick describing the process of sail handling for reefing the top sail

This morning the seas are slight to moderate but the ship sails along with a slight roll. The weather forecast is predicting stronger winds this afternoon, maybe exceeding over 30 knots and so as a precaution all hands are called up to reef the main and fore topsail. Just as this is going on Kingsley catches his first fish of the voyage, a big yellow finned tuna. Sashimi on the menu this evening, for all those feeling up to it.

All’s well.

Kingsleys Yellow Finned Tuna

6 thoughts on “Day 3 Portland – Hobart

  1. Greetings to all…it’s been great to follow the blog!
    We hope the weather behaves and the tuna keep biting.

  2. G’day all, good to see the sailing is going well,
    Oh man ya got a fish, we spent days trying last voyage oh we’ll, fair winds to you all, keep it up and get some great photos

    I was on the last voyage and if I could of I would of kept sailing if i had more money and holidays, I be back on the ship in a flash, hope to catch you all in Melbourne for a good night 🙂


  3. Thinking of my dad out there, hope you are all having a fantastic journey. Judy

  4. Kingsley-a great fish- wish you were home cooking it for me!!!

  5. Hi Phil & Rob,

    What an amazing trip, enjoy and keep safe.
    Lots of love The Tilyard’s & Pauline

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