Day 1 Portland – Hobart

Latitude; 38°18.6’S

Longitude; 144°39.5’E

Weather; Sunny skies with slight cirrus clouds, Wind N Force 4, 27°, calm to slight seas

I have to firstly start the blog with a few big thank you’s to Portland’s council, Portland’s ports, Music Glenely and all the wonderful volunteers we couldn’t have done it without you.

It is a dark, but mild start to the morning, then as the sun rises there is a fantastic sky of warm oranges; hopefully a sign of what is yet to come. There is much to do this morning with preparing the ship to go back to sea, such as shuffling up the mast to reassemble the navigation lights, getting the mooring lines ready to slip, ensuring our fenders are in place and also a last minute spring clean.

It is not long before the crowds are gathering on the wharf and a new, hopefully excited crew are assembling. At 0915 we call people forward and introduce them to their new ship mates and their watch. It is then time to show them there allocated ‘private space’ which consists of a small locker, not quite the place you can ‘escape’ to.

The local town crier has come down to the wharf  in his full get up and bell, to bid Endeavour and her crew a safe onward journey and make sure the people of Portland hear about it. We also want to make sure the people of Portland are aware of our departure and fire an almighty cannon shot that echo’s throughout the port.

Portland town crier

The formal introductions take place and then Ally the 2nd mate goes through the emergency muster procedure. In some ports it is regulatory to have a pilot when arriving and departing and Portland is one of these ports and so at 1100 we have a pilot board, which is only with us shortly as our intentions are to anchor the other side of the harbour at Nunn’s beach. As we leave the crew help with bringing in the fenders and stowing the mooring lines into the forepeak.

Mizzen mast is the lucky watch who get to have their first hands on experience of the tarred anchor cable, as we drop the pick. However all does not go quite to plan with the shifting winds and we are on a lee shore to the harbour which Captain Ross is not comfortable with and so it is not too long after that Mizzen mast get to have their second hands on experience with the anchor cable, when we start to weigh anchor.

All’s well.

The pilot coming on board

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