Day 10 Adelaide – Portland

Endeavour next to the 'QM2'

Latitude; 38°20.58’S

Longitude; 141°36.42’E

Distance run in the last 24hrs; 19NM

The wind continues to increase and Endeavour is travelling at 8 knots under sail, finally we get the prevailing winds and it was well worth the wait. The crew are cheerful and enjoying the afternoon. It is soon time to hand the sails as we approach our anchorage not far from the wharf in Portland.

The professional crew start to get organised for the mess deck dinner whilst the voyage crew go for one last climb. The aroma’s coming from the galley are mouth-watering. At 1830 the call comes for all crew to take a seat in the 18th century whilst dinner is served to them by the officers, an old tradition.

The sod’s opera gets underway with the Foremast watch singing a couple of songs, followed by David Attenborough giving us a rundown of the species homo marineus, marineus, which was a very funny and original piece. We then had Mainmast sing a couple of songs. And last but by no means least we had the Mizzenmast who had a funny sketch on meeting the credentials before signing on the ship. Ron recited a beautiful poem and top it all off we had Glenn as the MC, who for a change had something to say about all the professional crew. It was a fantastic night with outstanding food, great company and enjoyable entertainment.

Throughout the night anchor watch is kept and it is a dark morning as we adjust the clocks by 30 minutes to be in keeping with Victoria time. As we didn’t arrive at the anchorage until late we missed the great cabin afternoon tea with Captain Ross and the supernumeraries, so we decide to host a great cabin breakfast. We don’t leave the anchorage until 1000 as we don’t have far to run. Soon enough we are secure alongside the wharf and it is time to say our farewells to our fond shipmates. It has been a fantastic voyage with a good variation of wind and weather.

All’s well.


The last crew meeting


3 thoughts on “Day 10 Adelaide – Portland

  1. Well it has been fantastic following your 10 day journey from Adelaide and well done everyone in what has been some very extreme sailing conditions .
    We have really enjoyed reading the daily blog , you have done it very well !
    Hope you all enjoy the remainder of your journey to Sydney and beyond .
    Best Wishes from Peter and Diana

  2. What a great photo of the two ships, old and new! A mighty contrast. See you Thursday!

  3. On 7/3/12 I was shown photos from QM2 of HMB and its cannon fire they were great, evidently a “surprise ” for their passengers

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