Day 9 Adelaide – Portland

Setting sails this morning

Latitude; 38°25.1’S

Longitude; 141°26.4’E

Distance run in the last 24 hours; 74.8NM

Average speed; 3.1 KN

Weather; Blue skies with slight cloud coverage, F4 wind increasing NW/W, temp 20°, slight seas

So the moment arrives that everybody has been much awaiting, it is time for us once again to set sail. All hands are called on deck and the watches divide up and go aloft to lose the sails. The wind is light and still in the wrong direction, but we all want some peace and quiet from the iron staysails (engines). The wind is forecast to swing around to the West this evening. Once the sails are set the call comes for the Engineer, Clare to shut the iron staysails down. For a few moments there is blissful silence that is until Glenn from Foremast watch observantly shouts that an Albatross who is slowly paddling along in the water has over taken the ship. So although we are sailing we are not currently making much progress.

The sea maybe big and vast and often not look any different from any other sea, but it never ceases to amaze me with the wondrous and unique wildlife and skies that you get to spectate and frequently you see things for a first time no matter how long you have been at sea.  On the 2000 – 0000 watch the ship appears to be sailing “along the yellow brick road” as Donna-Maree and Trish aptly put it. Looking off the stern of the ship the sea is alive with bioluminescence that I can only describe as being like giant hundreds and thousands. We frequently get to see bioluminescence but not of this size and variety.

Most of the crew wake in the morning to the dreaded sound that the Iron staysails are on once again. There is groaning at the concern that the wind has changed direction. The good news is that it hasn’t, it is just that it didn’t pick up to the strength that we had hoped and as we have commitments today as we need to cover a bit of ground. At 1100 we will have the ‘Queen Mary II’ meeting us and sail alongside us for an hour.

Spirits are very high this morning and during the 2nd sitting of breakfast the announcement is made that we have crossed the border from South Australia to Victoria. In light of this we keep our tradition of tropical outfits and Cuban music being played through the PA system, followed by the professional crew photograph.

Endeavour 'Professional' crew crossing the border tradition

As Happy hour is well underway some of the professional crew spot the ‘Queen Mary II’ off the stern, however it takes 10 minutes before Morgan is declared the official winner of the loot of spotting & calling her to the officer of the watch first, well done Morgan.

Captain Ross and the QM2

She appears to slowly approach however she is actually going 20 knots and when she gets closer it takes no time for her to loom over us as she slows down to approx. 8 knots. It is an awesome sight to see and to know that there are over 2500 passengers on board all looking down on us and waving, when she is level with us and only 200m away we fire both starboard cannon’s to salute her. Then there is a cheer of 2500 people, followed by a huzzah of 52 people back.

All’s well

18th century to 21st century

5 thoughts on “Day 9 Adelaide – Portland

  1. Hi again Crew,,, well it must be a relief to now be in calm waters , unless you like the rough stuff that is .
    Congratulation to Morgan for winning “the loot” , whatever it is . I spotted QM2 yesterday from Mount Lofty , but I guess that doesn’t count.
    I would imagine that Richard has a 10 day beard by now , so we would like some photos please , just for the record .
    Well I suppose it will be party night tonight so we hope you all just enjoy ! (no falling overboard please)
    Best Wishes from Peter and Diana

  2. Hi Captain and crew, what an amazing experience to sail alongside QM2 and have so many of her passengers wish you well. that must have been so much fun and a life time memory.
    the trip sounds truly wonderful and the photos show what a fantastic adventure
    you are all having.

  3. Thank you for the wonderful blog..
    It’s brilliant to have a glimpse – makes us feel just a wee part of it all too :o)

    Hi Love! (Ron Hewporth),
    Bobbie, Volkmar, Sol, Vae & Amy and I have been following the blog online…
    very cool… wish I was seeing the blue whales..
    Much love for your final day – See you soon, Brindi, Speck, Teri & Anihera xoxo

  4. Cant wait to be back 🙂 Look forward to be sailing again miss ya’s all, and spewin i missed a trip.. Anton 🙂 🙂 See ya’s end of week

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